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Keep It Rolling!

By AICC Staff

September 13, 2022

width=624Momentum for the Foundation for Packaging Education continues to pick up steam. The Independents Cup Golf Tournament at the AICC Spring Meeting in April in Palm Desert, California, brought approximately $30,000 into the foundation’s coffers. The first annual foundation fundraising event, November 8–11 at Kiawah Island, South Carolina, is close to being fully booked (

If you have not already pledged to be a donor, with the end of the year rapidly approaching, why not sign up and make your tax-deductible contribution now? Visit In so doing, you are investing in your own success. The funds received by the foundation go to ensuring that employee training programs for those already engaged in the paper-based packaging industry—those who work for you—will continue to be developed and made available to AICC members. The bulk of these training programs are provided by AICC through its newly christened Packaging University (formerly AICC’s Packaging School). More than 100 courses in English and Spanish are already available for every team member of every AICC member company.

Packaging University’s offerings are expected to grow by at least 10 courses a year. As part of AICC’s ongoing efforts to expand education, additional courses are expected to be made available from sources outside of AICC through partnerships. AICC is also looking to develop certification programs. This can bring uniformity to the expectations you can have about those seeking work or coming to work for you.

This is important work being done by your Association. That is why we need your support through the Foundation for Packaging Education.

Please consider making a pledge today. You’ll be glad that you did. Visit to donate.

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