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By AICC Staff

January 24, 2022


Greetings AICC Members and Associate partners! As we continue engaging the challenges from Covid 19, our industry has had an absolute boom in business. This has rejuvenated the pre-pandemic CapEx and OpEx enthusiasm to fund new construction, plant upgrades, new machinery purchases and ERP/MRP software upgrades to optimize these enterprise advancements.

Together, we have undergone a transition, altering business operations forever. Some of your workforce spent a segment of time working remotely or you already position resources this way and further expanded this capability. During last year our customers aggressively forged ahead with projects and we achieved many 100% remote installations and upgrades to support them. Less travel and expenses + less flights = an accompanying reduction in carbon footprint and reduced overall costs.

How can you enable this approach? This requires:

  • Strong local teams that can thrive in this environment.
  • A strong communications capability.
  • Kiwiplan’s robust software and a full engagement strategy.
  • Utilize provided web-courses prior to the installation.
  • Ensure your staff commitment to fully participate in user training and implementation stages.

Kiwiplan provides a Business and Manufacturing Execution System that can expand and maximize your facility investments scaled to your needs. A remote or onsite implementation hybrid is a standard approach as well. Kiwiplan is a fully integrated ERP/MRP. Our pursuit is to continually provide automation tools across all facets of corrugated, converter, litho-lamination and pre-print operations. Industry 4.0 intelligent connectivity with your machines and devices provides seamless data accuracy. Our mission is to support consistent staff performance and ensuing cost-savings. Our goal is to provide decision makers with real-time actionable events and increased revenue.

In 2022, Kiwiplan marks 40 years of service to the paperboard and packing industries. Our company stability and brand are our identity. This will remain in force so a Kiwiplan systems implementation is a life partnership. Contact us to explore a long-term solution for your business.



Dana Disney

National Account Manager

Kiwiplan Inc.