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Looking for Qualified Employees?

By AICC Staff

July 24, 2019

width=300Launched in 2013, JobPath, the first employment engine in the market designed for military veterans and their families, provides companies with a platform that uses advanced technology to help employers understand and connect with the most qualified veteran candidates.

Since November 2018, AICC has partnered with JobPath, an innovative online job portal designed to connect military veterans with employers and to help members solve their ongoing need for qualified candidates.

JobPath features multiple tools to bring veterans and employers together, including a job board, candidate database, candidate matching (an automated matching tool that connects employers with candidates whose skills meet the company’s requirements), and a military skills translator, which allows companies to fully understand what job a veteran held in the military and how those skills may apply to open positions. The platform will link to certain AICC Packaging School courses so that candidates can get an understanding of the packaging industry—another step to ensuring a good match.

AICC members can post jobs (for free!) or purchase a package to promote and match the jobs with the best candidates.

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