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By AICC Staff

January 28, 2021


Macarbox line FFG 1676-3600 with in line stitcher has been successfully commissioned inside Font Packaging Group in Barcelona – Spain.

The future of corrugated carton packaging is being well explored by Font Group, with the installation of a new generation full automated line in their plant of Torrelavit in Barcelona.

Innovation, efficiency, efficacy, sustainability, trust and passion for a high level performance, jointly with a minimum impact on CO2 footprint; have clearly been key aspects for the line acquisition decision.

EU community intends to reduce the CO2 emissions by 50–55% by 2030, so that 2050 can be neutral in the ambitious project we all are involved for the fight against climate change.

“No doubt Macarbox is in line with our values and ambitions. They had received an important prize from the corrugated sector, such as the 2019 FEFCO Gold award to innovation. Considering that this award is given by other professionals from the sector, is providing particular importance to it,” said the Operations Director from Font Packaging Group recently in an interview.

Macarbox follows the challenge of developing, assembling and commissioning high performance machines in line with the environmental respect, starting from the raw materials to the final end delivery.

In that sense, 94% of the mechanical parts are manufactured in local industries, just a few kilometers away from our facilities. Additionally to that, not only converting machines, but also digital printing line, all of them use water based inks and varnishes.

Our machines cover recycling packaging solutions in all variants and corrugated carton types. They are all fully equipped with maximum level of automation and electronic regulation.

Our project started from a high qualified young entrepreneur team, with a vision of achieving a reliable product, with high performance and efficiency, and at the same time friendly use, flexible and attending the potential particular requirements from customers.

Customers are in the center of our strategy; our mission is to keep the innovation path towards new added value solutions. Collaboration is the way to satisfy our common objectives regarding sustainable development.

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