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Metsä Board

By AICC Staff

January 24, 2022


As marketing media becomes increasingly fragmented, and as sales of pre-packaged and online food grow, high-quality corrugated packaging is playing an ever-greater role. Retail-ready packaging is flourishing, and e-commerce will continue to grow at double digit rates.

Recognizing the wide variety of customer end uses, Metsä Board has a comprehensive selection of white kraft liners—from uncoated to double-coated and in various basis weights. Our white kraftliners offer various design options for retail or e-commerce ready, sales-enhancing packaging that performs equally well during transportation and at point of sale.

All our white kraftliners are made utilizing fresh fibers from 100% traceable wood sourced from sustainably managed Northern European forests. Our paperboards are available with PEFC™ or FSC® certification and they are all suitable for packaging food and other sensitive products.

Metsä Board also recently introduced a collaborative 360 Service program to deliver measurable benefits throughout the packaging value chain, from easy recyclability to brand impact, production and supply chain efficiency, reducing environmental impact, and beyond, to complement its extensive white kraftliner offering.

With the right liner choice and supported by our know-how, you can meet the most demanding packaging needs quickly, cost-efficiently and responsibly. Contact our sales team for more information on how Metsä Board can assist with your needs.


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Sales Director, Americas



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Sales Manager, East



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Sales Manager, Midwest



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Sales Manager, West



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Sales Manager, Canada