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Need Help Running Quality Board Consistently

May 17, 2022

Debbie asks:

We’re looking for some training help for the proper operation of small format corrugators. We are looking to improve the quality and consistency of board produced across our shifts. Especially our “off shifts”. We are looking to develop a set of specification sheets or SOPs that all shifts will follow. We believe the specifications should include,

  • Pre-heating roll temperatures
  • Amount of wrap on preheating rolls
  • Flow rate for our moisturizers
  • Proper glue application
  • And any other specifications that should be controlled/maintained for the production of quality paperboard.

We understand there are many factors that go into making quality paperboard, but we would like to develop a baseline that could be used by our operators as a starting point or troubleshooting as well as the SOPs mentioned above.

Can you suggest some resources?

A good place to start would be the search functions on and On under the Learn tab you will find the “Packaging School”, you’ll find many educational resources focusing on everything from machine training (including corrugators) to sales, safety, HR training, and more.

AICC’s “Corrugated Essentials” is an excellent program that may meet many of your needs. If it’s not already on the schedule, it should be coming up on the schedule later this year. There are also online courses that are free to all registered members, many of which focus on corrugators, corrugator operations and production.

You can also contact me directly to discuss further.

— Ralph


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