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January 23, 2024

Step into the Future of Digital Packaging Production

Zünd and Zund America: who are we?

Zund America, with HQ in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, is the U.S. sister company of Zünd Systemtechnik, the family-owned manufacturer of multifunctional digital cutting systems based in Switzerland. For the past 40 years, Zünd has been developing and manufacturing modular, single and dual-beam, multifunctional and highly adaptable cutting solutions for applications ranging from custom manufacturing and prototyping to high-volume digital production at an industrial level.

Why Zünd for packaging production?

Zünd is known for its multi-capable, highly adaptable and efficient cutting solutions for packaging manufacturers looking to expand their digital cutting capabilities in anything from samplemaking to fully automated, short-run production. High-performance tooling for all popular packaging materials (incl. up to 4″ thick foam on machines with extended clearance) and a full range of automation/robotics, make Zünd an exceptionally versatile and productive offering with an unmatched ROI, both short and long term, and low cost of ownership.

Zünd Q-Line: stepping into the future

With the recent launch of the 4th generation of Zünd digital cutting systems, the future has arrived! Q-Line with BHS180 is the latest addition to the Zünd digital cutter family. It is a complete, fully automated system designed exclusively for industrial, pallet-to-pallet production and features smart machine-control technology, unprecedented cutting speeds (without loss of accuracy), and reliable, advanced automation. The Q-Line with BHS180 is a comprehensive, advanced system solution that takes digital production to a new level, enabling fully automated, uninterrupted and unsupervised, “lights-out” digital processing.

Zünd Q-Line with BHS180 redefines digital cutting performance in many ways. The linear drive system generates impressive speeds of up to 2.8m/s (more than 9 ft/s), with an astonishing 2.1g acceleration. The new Q-Line substructure is made from heavy and extremely stable mineral cast. This stability ensures smooth operation and optimal precision, even at very high speeds—concrete performance, by definition!

For more information on Zünd cutters and all available personal demonstration options, reach out to our sales team at 414-433-0700,