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SUN Automation Group

January 23, 2024

From Feeding to Converting, Industry Leader Offers Comprehensive Solutions

Corrugated production is no simple task; it’s a symphony of moving parts, each requiring unique equipment and expertise. To effectively serve this multifaceted industry, SUN Automation Group provides a comprehensive suite of solutions. By leveraging in-house expertise and a series of strategic partnerships, SUN is able to address the unique challenges of corrugated production and ensure the entire production line functions seamlessly.

“We take great pride in our breadth of capabilities,” says Greg Jones, Executive Vice President of SUN. “By combining our unique capabilities with expanded resources from our partners, we are able to offer individualized solutions that are tailored to our customer’s exact needs.”

Solutions Across the Production Line

SUN Automation Group stands at the forefront of innovation in the corrugated industry, delivering solutions that span feeding, printing, and converting to ensure comprehensive support and efficiency across the entire production line. A prime example of SUN’s versatility and engineering prowess is the SUN625® Rotary Die Cutter (RDC), an American-made, vertically opening machine designed to be a flexible, high-producing powerhouse. Capable of handling feeding, printing, and converting with seamless inside/outside print integration, the SUN625® RDC epitomizes the strength and dynamism of SUN’s offerings, running at an impressive 200 kicks per minute—up to 12,000 sheets per hour.

Expanded Capabilities with Strategic Partnerships

To offer truly comprehensive converting solutions to its customers, SUN has facilitated a series of strategic international partnerships with other leaders in the industry. In 2019, SUN partnered with Latitude Machinery Corp (LMC) and has since been the exclusive representative for LMC in North and Central America. LMC is a world-class manufacturer of Rotary Die Cutters, Flexo Folder Gluers, from Minis to Jumbos, and other solutions for the corrugated industry. The company’s equipment maintains an excellent reputation in the marketplace for its reliability and throughput, which is reflected in the placement of over 100 installations of LMC converting equipment in North America.

While RDCs and FFGs keep up with production, material handling plays an important role in minimizing labor demands and maximizing equipment productivity. Filling the gap for end-to-end material handling needs, SUN serves as the exclusive representative for PARA Machinery material handling systems sold and serviced in North America, the United Kingdom, and Ireland. PARA’s extensive product range, with over 15,000 products installed worldwide, includes pre-feeders, palletizers, RDC stackers, bundle breakers, pallet inserters, vertical storage solutions, paper mill roll transports, and unit conveyor systems.

To enhance digital finishing for packaging, SUN partnered with Highcon in 2021, bringing innovative cutting and creasing solutions to the North American market.

Optimizing with Next-Gen Technology

Learning from a rich history specific to the corrugated industry, SUN developed Helios, the first machine learning and IIoT platform built by corrugated professionals. This OEM-agnostic software quantifies and

analyzes key elements of the corrugated manufacturing process. Utilizing this data, box plant leaders are able to make more informed decisions around scheduling downtime and ordering parts, thereby mitigating machine failure and improving overall efficiency. Through machine learning, Helios’ predictive algorithms continuously improve, leading to larger and larger cost savings over time.

Complementing this innovative platform, SUN has partnered with ePS, introducing a suite of ERP and MES technology solutions that work to drive operational excellence and efficiency in corrugated plants across the globe.

Connecting the Dots with Continuous Support

A successful operation in the corrugated industry is contingent on the seamless integration and continued maintenance of complex machinery and systems. Understanding that the purchase of machinery is just the beginning, SUN places a strong emphasis on customer service and technical support. The company’s team of highly trained professionals is available around the clock to assist with any challenges that may arise, ensuring minimal downtime and maintaining the efficiency of the production line.

As SUN Automation Group reflects on the strides made this year, the company is poised to carry this momentum forward into 2024 and beyond. With a firm commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, SUN plans to continue its expansion of services and technologies, ensuring that customers are equipped with the latest and most efficient tools necessary to thrive in an ever-evolving market.

Greg has spent over 20 years in the manufacturing and packaging sector. In 2002, he began his tenure with ITW as the National Sales Manager for ITW Shipper Products. He later joined ITW Muller, and spent over ten years delivering equipment and material load containment solutions to clients across various sectors. Rigorously trained in the principles of 80/20, Product Line Simplification, Market Rate Demand, and the importance of cross functional team approach, he applied these skills further for a quick rise in the corrugated industry.

In 2012, Greg joined SUN as the North America Sales Manager. Within three years, he was promoted to Director of Sales and Marketing, then Vice President of Global Sales & Aftermarket overseeing the company’s international sales as well as SUN’s Europe and China operations. Backed by extensive experience and leadership, Greg assumed the role of Executive Vice President at SUN in 2020.

Greg has been an active member of TAPPI since 2012 and currently serves on their Board of Directors. In addition, he is an active member of AICC and serves on their Board of Directors. He also serves on the Board of Directors of SUN Automation Group.

Away from work Greg serves in his church and is involved in the community. Greg is married to Karen and proud father of two children, Sarah and Paul.

Greg Jones
Executive Vice President