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January 23, 2024

Convey with Confidence™

Founded in 1989, AES is your premier provider of integrated conveyance systems specializing in scrap, trim, and dust. With expert engineers, designers, sales consultants, and installation and maintenance technicians, our in-house team delivers top-quality components and tailored solutions for all conveyance needs, from concept to completion. We’re your one-stop provider for customized solutions that increase scrap management efficiency, safety, cleanliness, and profitability.

Scrap Collection and Baling Systems

Your facility depends on fast, efficient removal of scrap to keep production running smoothly. AES provides custom-built, automated scrap collection and baling systems that help you meet your production goals, maximize scrap revenues, and support efficient and sustainable manufacturing. We understand that factors like proper equipment selection, grade segregation, bale integrity, bale weight, and labor efficiencies all contribute to a profitable scrap program. Our expert system engineers have helped hundreds of customers in your industry achieve a cleaner, leaner, and more profitable recycling program with our automated scrap management solutions. Turn to AES for a custom-engineered solution that delivers years of reliable service, with built-in capacity to meet future needs as your business grows.

AES AirShark™ Air-Material Separator

The AES AirShark™ is our robust, versatile air-material separator, combining a high air handling capacity and compact footprint. With its low-profile design and air handling capacities of up to 64,000 CFM, the AirShark is the ideal replacement for bulky cyclones or traditional screen separators. This innovative separator eliminates down pressure at the material discharge chute, and the fully sealed v-apex rotor requires no adjustment for material type. The AirShark is the only separator of its kind made in the USA. It can be installed indoors or out, in new installations or retrofits, and is purpose-built for continuous operation.

NFPA-Compliant Dust Control

Combustible dusts are among the most significant safety risks for box and corrugated production. AES provides expert solutions to control fugitive dusts and mitigate fire or explosion risks in your plant. We offer baghouse and cartridge-style collectors, HEPA filters, enclosureless dust collectors and systems, industrial dust testing, and consulting services. Our comprehensive range of dust solutions and fire and explosion protection products are designed to help our clients achieve their safety and compliance goals. Our dust control experts can tailor solutions to help you meet today’s evolving NFPA regulations and insurance requirements while enhancing the safety of your operations.

Your Process Improvement Partner

With 35 years of innovation in material separation and air conveyance, AES has consistently developed cutting-edge solutions that help our customers operate their businesses more efficiently, safely, and profitably. We have completed hundreds of successful system installations across North America, continue to develop and install innovative products like the AES AirShark, and offer turnkey services from design to installation, commissioning, and after-sale service. Contact Jeff Dietterich and the team at AES for all things conveyance.

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