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New Free Online Courses Available in Spanish

By AICC Staff

November 22, 2019

width=198AICC has released Reducción de configuración (Setup Reduction), Cómo especificar una caja (How to Spec a Box), and La Eficiencia General del Equipo en la Industria del Empaque (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), three new free online courses available in Spanish to AICC members.

Lean manufacturing techniques are explained in Setup Reduction, also available in English, to help eliminate waste in the changeover time between jobs. The waste reduction tool TIMWOOD is used by all the participants to identify seven types of waste. A video of a 10-minute setup shows the operators tracked using a spaghetti diagram, then the process of prioritizing and leveling the work is described. The duties, as well as the time it takes to accomplish them, are analyzed, and the necessary training is completed. Most often this results in a setup time reduced by half.

How to Spec a Box, also available in English, explains how to determine what type of box is being measured, determining the box construction material, preparing the box for accurate measurement, and finally, determining the inside length and width of the carton.

In Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), a course also available in English, OEE is defined and shown to be a balanced and practical measurement for productivity. Scott Heilmann walks us through the steps to gather baseline measures, calculate OEE, quantify related savings, compensate for the changeover effect, and set motivating production goals.

AICC thanks Marco Ferrara and his team at Cajas de Cartón Sultana S.A. de C.V., and Juan Javier Gonzalez and Samuel Garcia Gonzalez of Cartró S.A.P.I. de C.V., for their support in the translation of this valuable course.

AICC will soon release Spanish translations of Optimizing the Flexo Printing Process, created and translated with the support of AICC Education Investors J.B. Machinery, Absolute, Pamarco, and Printron, as well as Essential Principles of Water-Based Flexo Inks, created and translated with the support of AICC Education Investor BCM Inks.

The catalog of free online courses to AICC members is now over 60, with more added each month. More information about these courses and all AICC online education can be found at