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January 23, 2024

OMP’s Green Planning: your solution to a more sustainable packaging industry We all must do our share to save the planet. How can the packaging industry stay at the forefront?
Packaging companies need to invest in new and more sustainable products and processes. They need to produce even more efficiently, with a lower footprint and less waste. The whole industry must embrace circularity principles, reusing and recycling resources. Promises are being made to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and meet ESG targets. Yet how can packaging companies deliver on these promises through their plants? Supply chain executives are looking for ways to turn targets and challenges into strategies and decisions. Introducing OMP’s Green Planning for the corrugated industry, the smart way to embed sustainability goals into a packaging company’s entire supply chain planning process. Green Planning enhances state-of-the-art end-to-end planning to make sustainability an integral part of the decision-making process. How?
    • AI-powered decision-making: Leveraging cutting-edge AI technology tailored to the packaging industry, Green Planning assists supply chain planners in making informed decisions for sustainability.
    • Environmental parameter linkage: It connects CO2 emissions and other sustainability factors directly to the packaging industry’s supply chain processes.
    • Automatic optimization: Plans are automatically optimized to strike a balance between sustainability, financial performance, and operational KPIs.
    • Sustainability impact assessment: Green Planning provides real-time insights into the immediate and long-term sustainability consequences of various planning scenarios. This includes evaluating the impact of transportation modes on carbon emissions and ESG (environmental, social, and governance) criteria and assessing the effects of product design modifications on multiple levels.
    • OMP’s Green Planning goes beyond these capabilities and offers you:
    • Capacity management improvement: enhances capacity management for better resource allocation and utilization.
    • Efficient machine load balancing: optimizes machine loads and setup sequencing to reduce downtime and increase efficiency.
    • Work in progress and inventory reduction: drives reductions in work in progress and inventory levels, leading to cost savings.
    • Resource efficiency: maximizes machine usage, minimizes waste production, and lowers energy and resource consumption.
    • Informed investment decisions: assists in evaluating investment decisions by highlighting differences in environmental impact; answers all these questions and more. You’ll go beyond sustainability reporting and move to acting on sustainability parameters.
OMP’s Green Planning is your solution to a more sustainable company, industry, and world. Ready to take your company’s sustainability to the next level? Contact us. Peter is leading the business development efforts for mill products industries in the Americas with a special focus on the paper packaging industry.
Peter Dobell Senior Business Development Manager 770-956-2722

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