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By AICC Staff

December 5, 2018

width=350Some days, technology can get the better of anyone, especially when you are trying something new. Even though we tested and retested and retested, when AICC launched free online education, we know some people had trouble logging in to access the now more than 50 free online courses. We heard you. Over the summer, we enlisted the help of a developer to make it easier and resolve the login members face.

Now all employees at AICC member companies, general and Associate alike, can learn and help build the company in four simple steps:

  1. Sign-in on (there is a sign in link near the top of the page).
    1. This takes you to SocialLink, the members-only section of the website.
    2. If you have forgotten your password, just give us a call at 703-836-2422, and any AICC staff member can reset it for you.
  2. Click “Quick Links” at the top of the page, and click “Free Online Courses for Members.”
  3. Click “See all courses” to access more than 50 free online courses to build your skills.

Some courses currently available include:

  • Essential Principles of Water-Based Flexo Inks: The course provides the basics needed for printers and suppliers of water-based inks. Created with the support of BCM Inks.
  • The Corrugator: This course focusing on the corrugator dives into key sections and systems of the corrugator, including the wet end, dry end, and the corrugator control system. Created with the support of Fosber.
  • Optimizing the Flexographic Printing Process: This course covers flexo printing from the beginning of the process to optimization techniques for maximum performance. Created with the support of Pamarco, JB Machinery, Printron, and Absolute.
  • Safety Basics (English and Spanish available): This course provides employees with the knowledge and skills required to safely perform their assigned duties, recognize potential hazards, and avoid them.
  • Paperboard Cartons: You will learn how paper is sourced and manufactured, what paperboard grade is best for your application, and the possibilities for creating unique, eye-catching paperboard packaging designs. You will have access to powerful tools that help you select styles, designs, point sizes, print processes, and pricing.
  • Keeping Score: How to Read Financial Statements: Demystify the four most common financial statements: the purpose of the balance sheet, the income statement, the cash-flow statements, and the ratio analysis. This course offers a practical approach for people of all levels of your packaging company to keep score using these tools.
  • Fingerprinting the Flexographic Press: Learn to validate the settings on any flexographic press in order to diagnose for improvement and to gain speed, quality, and repeatability of print.
  • Faster, Better, Smarter With Value Stream Maps: This course gives an essential understanding of the tools for analysis and improvement of material and information flow. The various uses of value-stream mapping (VSM) will be described. Participants will learn to map material flow through the supply chain, production, and warehousing to eliminate bottlenecks and reduce inventory costs.

These and the other courses available will enhance your skills and the skills of your team members. Let us help you grow.

When you invest and engage, AICC will deliver success.