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People’s Capital and Leasing Corp

By AICC Staff

January 24, 2022

Where will your business be in five years? The growth forecast for the corrugated packaging industry is strong due to a number of drivers that include:

  • Explosive growth in e-commerce, from direct ship-to-buyer to buy online/pickup in store
  • Rising need for sustainably produced, biodegradable shipping and storage materials
  • Increasing demand for packaging that helps businesses stand out in a crowded, highly competitive marketplace.

All of these represent tremendous opportunities. But realizing them will mean meeting the challenges that come along with them, such as:

  • Economical production at scale
  • Thinner yet stronger packaging
  • Customized, retail-ready printing with high impact and at a competitive cost

Succeeding in this environment will require an unprecedented level of innovation and agility, driven in large part by advanced production technologies and people who can get the most from them. But how will manufacturers get equipped and train their teams to stay on the cutting edge without driving their financial position to the bleeding edge?

At People’s Capital and Leasing Corp, we believe a strong financial partner with real expertise in the corrugated packaging industry will be key to positioning manufacturers for rapid growth without compromising budgets, cash flows, and operational flexibility.

With a packaging team that has worked with the industry for more than 80 years, People’s Capital and Leasing Corp deeply understands not only the current challenges and opportunities in the corrugated packaging marketplace but also the context and history that inform a strategic path forward.

What will that path look like? Affordably acquiring the needed technology, keeping it up to date, and ensuring that teams can fully utilize it will require the kind of financing strategy we’ve developed for the industry—one that includes elements like these:

  • The flexibility to choose from loans, leases, and SBA agreements as the situation warrants, along with expert insight on the relative merits of each option in a given scenario
  • 100% financing for equipment to relieve the upfront cash burden of equipment acquisitions and position businesses for maximum flexibility as opportunities arise and evolve
  • Customizable terms that include options like progress payment financing, competitive fixed or floating rates, synthetic leases, operating leases, and other alternatives that give manufacturers a best-fit solution to their needs now and the agility to modify their solution as business needs dictate
  • Local decision-making from a financial partner that holds transactions in its own portfolio
  • Asset-secured lending that doesn’t require businesses to secure acquisitions with blanket liens or real estate

Is your business positioned to fully leverage the opportunities presented by an evolving marketplace? As a lender committed to facilitating growth in the corrugated packaging industry and a member of AICC for more than 20 years, People’s Capital and Leasing Corp is here with industry experience, finance resources, and strategic insight to help you drive exceptional results now and in the years to come. To start a discussion, contact us today.

Tom Davies, SVP

Bridgeport, CT


Tony Castellanos, VP

Overland Park, KS


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Atlanta, GA


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Bridgeport, CT


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