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Relationship to Partnership: Ties That Bind in Manufacturing

September 14, 2022

AICC is bringing together two AICC members; Kim Nelson, Owner of Royal Containers, and members of Bobst North America to discuss the value of forming a partnership with your vendors. When you create a partnership, you see a shorter amount of time to get up to speed on a machine, it reduces the number of people needed in the pressroom, the vendor becomes a valuable resource, and you develop a strong trust factor that leads to success in all areas of your business. Partnership is a two way street, with both working to give the customer what they want and need. Consistency is built as the relationship grows with both becoming part of a stronger team. Both sides listen, understand your goals, and how to get you there. Join us for valuable insight into a successful partnership and how to get there.

Created with the support of Royal Containers and Bobst North America.


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