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Roxcel Corporation

By AICC Staff

January 28, 2021

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philosophy we follow. We own two paper mills and represent many other ones based in Europe. Therefore, as a business partner, we are able to bring suppliers and customers together.

Our sustainable, fiber-based products for the flexible packaging industry are an excellent replacement for unwanted single-use plastic packaging. Both as inner bags and as outer packaging, our specialty papers offer optimum protection against unwanted influences and thus maintain the quality of the packaged goods. The papers are environmentally friendly and help customers as well as consumers to make our planet a little greener.

It’s our job to provide technical support from our mills and supply your team with samples, creative solutions, and paper that will meet or exceed your product specifications.

We work with you, the independent converters, to select the correct grade of paper for the product, rolls or sheets, considering the environment you are working in.

Trust and long-term relationships are at the core of who we are and that is why we do not convert any products… We provide paper, technical support, creative solutions and resources to you so we can help you compete as an independent in this market.

Paper products we provide:

  • Flexible packaging paper
  • Corrugated virgin liner in kraft and white top
  • Recycled Corrugated medium and liners
  • Paper board of all shapes and sizes from 12pt and under to 30pt plus.
  • Label paper
  • Technical specialty papers
  • Newsprint
  • Cover stock
  • Many more….

If it’s made from paper, we will be able to provide a solution out of virgin fiber, recycled or wood free products we have to offer. Let us know how we can help you!

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