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Straub Design Company

By AICC Staff

January 30, 2023


Automate Your Tape Application Systems and Reimagine Your Packaging

We don’t have to tell you that eCommerce is booming; that’s why you should turn to Straub Design, the leaders in automated tape application systems.

We’re engineers, inventors, and solution seekers. Our engineers have created a variety of simple machines to complex systems with the goal of solving and improving your tape application packaging needs. With each applicator, it reduces pain points and reduces employee strain to redirect those resources elsewhere, maximizing your company’s efficiency and ROI.

Unique Applications for the Packaging Industry

We have many off-the-shelf solutions for a variety of applications and also offer completely custom solutions tailored exactly to your packaging requirements.

If it’s not built yet, our designers welcome any custom challenge. Straub Design gives you the solutions to keep up with increased eCommerce demands and shifting packaging expectations. Together, we give you the flexibility to work your way because changing times require changing strategies.

Straub Design has served a variety of industries and their unique packaging applications. Our standard-setting automated tape solutions offer next-generation technology that gives your company the upper hand. Straub Design products are backed by dependable, US-based sales, parts, and service.

And at Straub Design, we give you automated tape application solutions that stick—for your current and future eCommerce packaging needs.

SD-40/SF-40: Expedite Your Packaging Process

Our SD-40/SF-40 Automatic Taping System (pictured) automatically feeds and applies transfer tape with liner in place and tear strip tape to corrugated or paperboard blanks. The conveyor tape applicator operates at up to 350 feet per minute for an impressive and reliable custom tape solution.

Reimagine your taping and adhesive system with the SD-40/SF-40 or any of our other available or custom automated tape solutions!


Get in touch with Daryl, Straub Design’s Director of Sales, to discuss your automated tape application goals and how they can improve your packaging ROI.


Daryl Emery

Director of Sales