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Take Your Pledge and Mark Your Calendars

November 13, 2023

The Foundation for Packaging Education, created three years ago, was established to ensure that AICC will always have funds available to create and renew education content for its members. Consumption of AICC education programming is now approaching 20,000 completed courses since 2017. AICC education is popular, relevant, and in demand.

So, it stands to reason that the Foundation for Packaging Education’s
mission is vital. Which means that your pledge is necessary for the foundation to allow its corpus to reach the critical mass of $3 million that will ensure education demands in the future can be met. The foundation is more than halfway to the goal. If you are not a Foundation for Packaging Education donor, please consider joining the 35 companies and 10 individuals that have made such a commitment. Your pledge will bring a return to your operations as the foundation’s commitment is to your employees and their continuing education and improvement. Visit or scan the QR code on this page to donate.

Mark your calendars for the Foundation for Packaging Education’s next fundraising event. From July 16 through July 19, we will be in Napa Valley, California! Accommodations at the Silverado Resort include:

  • Day One: Golfer breakfast and golf outing at the Silverado South Course; a nongolfer brunch, followed by an excursion to the Culinary Institute of America for a cooking class, lunch, and wine tasting; then, a dinner aboard the Napa Wine Train.
  • Day Two: Winery tours and lunch.

Once details are completely finalized, the event will be posted in the AICC calendar, and registration will open in December 2023. Space will be limited.

The Foundation for Packaging Education is a 501(c)(3) education charity administered by AICC. Your pledge is tax-deductible and ensures the future of the independent in this industry. Yours is a generational business—pay it forward!

Visit to donate to the Foundation for Packaging Education today.