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The Industry’s Big Picture: You Can’t See It From Behind Your Desk

By Joseph M Palmeri

September 12, 2019

ChairWhen I learned the theme of this issue was The Industry Big Picture, I was flummoxed as to what to write about. It’s a big waterfront, I thought; where do I begin?

As I reflected on the subject, though, it occurred to me that I’ve been talking about the big picture all year as I’ve traveled around North America and overseas to our national meetings and summits and those of other organizations. If you’ve heard the presentations I’ve given in the past nine to 10 months, you will have seen the big picture through the eyes of Jamestown Container Cos.

I spoke of the founding of our company in 1956 by Glenn Janowsky and how my father, Joseph R. Palmeri, was one of the first five employees at that time. I spoke of how, over the years, through our involvement in organizations such as the Fibre Box Association (which we joined in 1969) and AICC (we were a founding member), we have been able to meet other entrepreneurs, make connections, and build relationships that have grown our company to what it is today. In other words, my father didn’t sit behind his desk; he ventured out to industry meetings to learn the big picture—where the industry was and where it was heading—and he brought what he learned back to Jamestown, where he, his partner, and now his succeeding generations used that information to build the company we are today.

And this is the lesson for all of us: If you invest and engage in your industry, in your industry’s big-picture events and organizations, you will succeed. This is the message that I have been telling members everywhere I have traveled in this past year as your Chair.

As I end my term, I want to thank all of you who have opened your plants to me and have hosted us in our various visits. Dianna and I have had the opportunity to travel throughout North America and overseas to our friends at the Sheet Plant Association in the United Kingdom, visiting with members, sharing common concerns, and generally looking at the big picture. I also want to thank the members of AICC’s board of directors for their support and encouragement throughout the year. You can’t find a better group of big-picture thinkers than those on AICC’s board.

So get out from behind your desk. See the big picture by engaging in what AICC offers you: networking, training, education, and advocacy. Learn how your company can benefit and grow by investing and engaging in our industry’s organizations.

Thank you for the honor to serve as your Chair. It has been a pleasure.




Joseph M. Palmeri

President, Corrugated Packaging, Jamestown Container Cos.

Chair, AICC