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The New Face of AICC, The Independent Packaging Association

By AICC Staff

September 12, 2017

In July, AICC launched a new website to offer members greater functionality, including messaging other members, a private directory, and online communities where you can ask other members your most pressing questions. To access these benefits and more, you have to log in. Here’s how:

Corporate Profile

Each company now has an administrative login. This login can be used to renew the company’s membership and manage the employee roster. All primary contacts were sent the ID and password for the corporate account. Contact AICC if you need a reminder.

Make sure all employees have a profile and can access all AICC benefits. If you receive emails from AICC, you have a profile.

If an employee does not have a profile, it is easy to create one. Adding people to the company roster can be done in two ways:

  1. Sign in to the corporate account. You will be redirected to the profile page.
  2. In Information & Settings, select Sub-accounts.
  3. Send the Sub-accounts direct link to your employees. Where they select the member, type “Member: Employee …” and they can add themselves to the company roster.


  1. Employees can also go to > Membership > Create or Find Your Profile.

  2. They will create a username and be directed to complete the profile.
  3. In the “Organization” field, begin typing the company name, and select it from the dropdown list. A company must be selected here, or the profile will not be attached to the corporate profile.

The administrative login can also be used to update employees’ information in the corporate roster. Also on the information–Sub-account page, you can update an employee’s email address or remove them from the corporate roster by marking them “suspended.”

Personal Profile

In July, all employees with profiles were sent a notice from AICC with their username and a new password. If you do not remember your password, it can be reset by clicking “sign in,” and then click the “forgot your password” link. Enter your email address, and click “reset password.”

Personal profiles are used for accessing free online education, reading industry news, registering for AICC courses and events, and accessing industry reports, such as Scoring Boxes.