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There’s Still Time to Be Part of the Inaugural Donor Class!

By AICC Staff

September 21, 2021

width=639It is hard to believe that we are already well into the third quarter of 2021. Slightly more than a year ago, AICC’s board of directors authorized the creation of a second 501(c)(3) education foundation. AICC’s staff did the research, got the requisite attorneys involved, filled in countless forms, and launched the Foundation for Packaging Education.

Now, in a little less than a year from that launch, the response has been overwhelming. The foundation is well on its way to success, with more than $2.4 million in donations pledged or received, including the “million dollar match” approved by the AICC board of directors. That match would not have been possible without the foresight and commitment of the following inaugural donors to the foundation: Michigan City Paper Box; Bay Cities; Jamestown Container; Oklahoma Interpak; SUN Automation; Standfast Packaging Group; DeLine Box; Harris Packaging; Package Crafters; Packaging Express; Wasatch Container; Central Package & Display; BCM Inks; Buckeye Boxes; L.D. Davis; Welch Packaging Group; Adducco Communications; McLean Packaging; Ox Box; JB Machinery; Kolbus; Haire Machinery; Arvco; Equipment Finance Co.; Southern Missouri Container; Akers Packaging Service; Tavens Container; Pamarco/Absolute; Royal Containers; Athena SWC; A.G. Stacker; and Viking Industries.

It’s not too late to join the inaugural donor class, an opportunity that will close on November 15. Yes, the foundation will continue to receive pledges after that date, but the bedrock of the foundation will be deemed completed that day. Then we will endeavor to add stories to the edifice, building a solid construction that will ensure the continued development of AICC education programming for those already employed in the paper-based packaging industry — namely, you and your team members.

Any donation made toward your pledge is tax-deductible. You will receive a very nice lapel pin that identifies you as a supporter of the Foundation for Packaging Education and a champion of independent boxmaker education. You will be responsible for the continued creation of materials and programs that will continue to educate and elevate machine operators, accountants, maintenance personnel, supervisors, customer service reps, sales reps, and the full range of labor in box plants and supplier operations.

Invest in your future.