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A.G. Stacker Inc.

By Tim Connell

January 24, 2022


Founded in 1996 by Clarence and Helen Allen, A.G. Stacker celebrated their 25th year in business in 2021, as an American manufacturer of rotary die cutter stackers and material handling systems.

From 2017 through the unprecedented challenges of 2020 and beyond, A.G. continued its journey into digital technology and engineered new, improved equipment and processes. With this new commitment to digital innovation, A.G. stepped into their 25th year with full line solutions tailored to meet the needs of smart converters navigating big data, automation, and connectivity.

Joe Wunder, President, states: “A.G. is committed to a digital transformation where engineering, design, service, production, training, and operations all are connected and available anywhere, at any time. We are confident our expanded equipment, technology, and service options will help converters nationwide stay competitive and

move forward in their own digital transformations.”


A.G. unveiled their new fully electric, fully integrated eSERIES equipment lines, digital technologies, and the new A.G. mobile APP, at SuperCorrExpo 2021. These patented and/or patent pend-ing, high speed systems are engineered without pits, pneumatics, or hydraulics. The new equipment line features order recipe recall systems, integrated safety systems, modular designs, and more, to increase safety, productivity, and connectivity for converters nationwide. The new products are as follows:

eBREAK Bundle Breaker (PP). eBREAK is a patent-pending bundle breaker, capable of variable, straight, nested, and offset breaks, with no pits, hydraulics, or pneumatics.

eZF Load Former (P)(PP). This patented and patent-pending load former semi-automatically builds loads up to 96 without pits, hydraulics, or pneumatics.

eXT Stacker Front End (P). This new, patented front end design is engineered for extreme rotary die cutter speeds, sheet control, and scrap removal.

A.G. Mobile APP. The A.G. mobile APP empowers A.G. customers with important equipment information such as: maintenance and training along with AR technology and direct connection to A.G. Stacker in the palm of their hand.

AG introduced cutting edge digital Technologies such as Digital Twin, AR & VR to improve engineering, operator training, customer collaboration, and service/support options.

To learn more about these new systems, visit


In addition to the new eSERIES equipment and full line solutions, A.G. continues to innovate the important features of the established G3 Stacker and XRI Stacker systems. Notable A.G. Stacker innovations, popular in 2021 for their ability to improve RDC performance, automation, and safety, include:

  • Sample Quality Rejection System SQR (P)
  • Divert & Separate System DSS (P)
  • eTAMP ServoTamp (P)
  • High Performance Layboy Section HPLX (P)
  • High Speed Hopper Ejector HSHE (P)
  • SRX Scrap Release Layboy (PP)
  • X12 Pitless Lift Conveyor (P)(PP)
  • ePX Semi-Automatic Pallet Inserter


With a deep pride for being an American Manufacturer, A.G. employs some of the best welders, electricians, and technicians in the country. From engineering to sourcing and machining to assembly, A.G. manufactures all equipment and parts in their Weyers Cave, Virginia USA facility. This has created a strategic advantage for the company and their North American customers, combatting the supply chain troubles haunting many converters today. With multiple patents and new innovations on the horizon, A.G. looks forward to assisting converters with proprietary equipment and services to propel them into the future of converting, for years to come.

For more information about A.G. Stacker, visit or call 540-234-6012

(P) = Patented (PP) = Patent Pending

Tim Connell

Director of Sales