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A.G. Stacker

By AICC Staff

January 30, 2023


2022: A Year of Investments, Innovation & Recognition at A.G. Stacker

Founded in 1996 by Clarence and Helen Allen, A.G. Stacker is a leader and custom manufacturer of corrugated material handling equipment and technology. A proud American manufacturer, A.G. engineers, fabricates, and assembles all equipment and parts in their Weyers Cave, VA, facility. Equipment offerings are focused on complementing the G3™ RDC stacker, including systems such as the X12™ pit-less lift conveyor, the ePX™ pallet inserter, the ball-belt bundle conveyor systems (BCS), and more. When combined with the fully electric eBREAK™ Bundle Breaker and the eZF™ Load former, 2022 became the year A.G. installed multiple full line systems.

2022 Equipment Innovations

Automation and digital connectivity were the focus in 2022. The patented and patent-pending Divert & Separate System (DSS), eXT™ stacker front end system, and eTAMP™ servo-driven tampers are newly engineered stacker innovations that allow full automation, order recipe recalls, and eXTreme board and scrap control, up to 20,000 kph!

Unveiled in 2021, A.G.’s fully electric, fully integrated eSERIES equipment line is proving successful in the market, with the first systems installed in early 2022. The new line of equipment boasts digital connectivity, energy savings, and multi-faceted support options, without pits, pneumatics, or hydraulics. Part of the eSERIES line, the newly patented eBREAK™ Bundle Breaker is a game changer with the ability to break bundles in ways that were previously impossible.

“Our new systems are built to master the challenges of today’s corrugated market, with the ability to meet the speed and automation demands of the future,” states Tim Connell, A.G. Director of Sales.

2022 Digital Innovations

With the launch of DUO™ digital twin technologies, A.G. became one of the first OEMs to successfully implement digital twins in corrugated manufacturing. The new technology allows A.G. to innovate equipment, collaborate with customers, and train employees/operators, using a risk-free digital environment. In 2022, A.G. engineered its newest DUO™ asset for the eXT™ Stacker Front End system, providing eXTreme board and scrap control at speeds up to 20,000 kph. The customized digital twin systems were featured in the January 2022 issue of Control Design magazine and were also a large factor in A.G. winning the 2022 Innovation in Utilization award from the Shenandoah Valley Technology Council (SVTC).

Launched at CorrWeek 2022, SIMCORRA™ is the newest technology solution at A.G. The innovative software is a full factory simulation, customized to each client’s facility dimensions, equipment layout, and process flow. In SIMCORRA™, converters can create and test custom factory environments through a visual planning and evaluation tool, digitally manufacturing their most productive factory environment for real world application.

“In SIMCORRA™, the possibilities are endless. You can explore simulations custom to your unique operations to discover opportunities and downfalls in your facility, without the guess work. The technology is tailored specifically to the environments found in corrugated and will offer a virtual look into real world problems and/or solutions that would likely occur in a true production environment,” states Joe Wunder, President at A.G.

In early 2022, A.G. opened the doors to its new Digital Innovations Lab in Weyers Cave, VA. The dedicated space allows A.G. to train employees/operators, provide tours and demonstrations, and house their digital technologies.

2022 Operational Investments

A.G. has recently invested in new equipment and processes to increase manufacturing capacity and operational excellence at its Weyers Cave facility. This year the company purchased:

  • Multiple CNC machines to assist with parts production, precision machining capabilities, and manufacturing capacity.
  • COBOT welder to work alongside production staff for faster, safer welding processes.
  • Laser tube cutting machine to increase production throughput and efficiencies.
  • A dedicated electrical panel manufacturing space with advanced dust ventilation and tailored lighting, seating, and organization for efficient electrical manufacturing.

“We are incredibly proud of our team and all they accomplished this year. From new patents to new digital twins, new technology to new machining capabilities, we look ahead confident in our ability to deliver on our promise of innovation and service,” concludes Clarence Allen, Owner and Co-founder of A.G.

Please contact the A.G. Sales Team at 540-234-6012 or visit for more information.