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A Successful Year, A Focused Destination

By AICC Staff

December 4, 2017

PortraitIn this issue, you will find our 2017 Annual Report. This is a regular feature in our November/December edition of BoxScore, a sort of “State of the Union” for AICC. I am using this column to provide some editorial color to this report in order to provide some additional context as to why this report is important to you, AICC’s members.

As you do in your business, your Association regularly engages in a strategic planning process. Now I really don’t like the term “strategic plan” because it causes my eyes to glaze over. Rather, I prefer “strategic vision,” and this is what your board of directors has set forth for the next couple of years. The goals in this strategic vision include the following: financial objectives in terms of revenues and expenses; membership goals in recruitment and retention; education and training; conventions and summit meetings; and governance.

The 2017 fiscal year was the first full year of this vision. From a financial perspective, we exceeded budgeted revenue by $1,038,192, and this was due in large part to the success of SuperCorrExpo 2016, held last October in Orlando. This infusion of revenue shows the importance of the SuperCorrExpo franchise to AICC’s long-term financial health, a fact recognized by AICC’s leadership more than 20 years ago, when we concluded the first SuperCorrExpo agreement with TAPPI.

AICC’s revenue stream is made up of diverse parts, the largest of which is our national meetings, followed by dues, education and training, advertising, and publication sales. In fact, two of the financial metrics we track annually are percent of dues to total revenue, a target of 40 percent (currently 38 percent), and percent of administrative costs covered by dues (target of 100 percent, but currently 89 percent). Reaching these metrics and ensuring they stay within an agreed-upon range is important because it will ensure that we are not overly reliant on one source of revenue only, and that we maintain a balanced budgetary model.

Since we are in the business of operating a successful Association, we endeavor to ensure financial growth, accountability, and transparency for you, AICC’s members. I believe this year’s Annual Report shows that AICC has accomplished these goals in fiscal year 2017, and more: It tells you that your Association is sound, that it is providing increasing member value, and has built a solid foundation for future growth. I commend it to your reading.




Steve Young

President, AICC