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January 23, 2024

Reimagine A.G. As Your Full Line Solutions Partner

Don’t waste the potential of your greatest assets! Corrugated productivity is not siloed to one machine. Your full line must be designed without bottlenecks and synchronized to run top quality at rated speeds to achieve maximum profitability. Even more, your team must be equipped with the knowledge and support to keep all systems running in harmony. It’s time to re-imagine what productivity can truly be with innovative material handling systems and technology from A.G.

Founded in 1996, A.G. is more than stackers; we are a leading manufacturer and innovator of corrugated material handling equipment and technology. Our full line solutions include the G3™ Stacker, the fully electric eBREAK™ Bundle Breaker and eZF™ Load Former, the NEW eXT Front End System, as well as the patented X12™ pitless lift conveyor and bundle line conveying system with patented ball belt transfer technology. A.G.’s fully electric, fully integrated eSERIES line of equipment has impressed converters with each successful installation in the market. With more than two dozen machines running in the field and installed across North America in the past 24 months, A.G.’s new systems have exceeded market expectations. Scan the QR code for an exclusive video of new A.G. equipment.

Full line productivity requires a knowledgeable production team. Don’t let legacy knowledge retire with your employees! The GO AG™ digital application is the perfect solution to capture and distribute key information to your production staff and beyond. With GO AG™, your team has access to custom and standard manuals, equipment models, training videos, troubleshooting guides, work instructions, and more. Follow us on LinkedIn for special software and parts promotions throughout 2024!

Reimagine your shop floor with SIMCORRA™, a custom factory simulation and visual planning tool tailored to the corrugated industry. This technology was developed by A.G. to create and test custom factory layouts, production runs and more in a risk-free digital environment. See into the future with SIMCORRA™ and digitally manufacture your most productive factory environment for real-world application.

This year, reimagine A.G. as your full line solutions partner. With over 25 patents and counting, visit us at SuperCorrExpo Booth #1115 to see innovations engineered for ultimate productivity and innovation. We proudly manufacture all equipment and parts in the USA and offer tailored A.G. MAX Service Programs to help you achieve your production goals. To learn more, contact our team at 540-234-6012 or schedule a consultation at

Tim Connell
Director of Sales