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By AICC Staff

January 28, 2021

width=372width=220 Hiring and retaining employees is everyone’s problem, whether you are an integrated plant or independent operation. Having a full crew report to work every day can be a challenge, and partial crews cripple productivity. The prospect of slogging bundles to a loadformer all day is hardly motivation to come to work. The bending and twisting required to place heavy bundles can lead to soft tissue injuries and fatigue, meaning more lost time.

Whether you are running a high-speed flexo folder gluer at 800 boxes per minute or a 30-year-old 50-inch flexo plodding along at 4,500 boxes per hour, Alliance has the right automatic loadforming technology for your application. While automating the high-speed flexo is a given at 800 boxes per minute, automating the 50-inch machine takes more thought.

Productivity is frequently dictated by loadformer operators as they struggle with placing the large, heavy bundles on the sliding plate of the machine. As they tire, the line slows down. Replacing the semi-manual loadformer with a robotic unit not only frees up employees for more important tasks but may increase productivity, as the robot never tires, complains, or has soft tissue to injure.

Assuming an average box size of 20 square feet, running 1,000 boxes per hour faster than the current rate could yield $250,000 per year in increased profit. This plus the crew savings can yield a 1-year return on investment. It’s worth thinking about.

Spend some time with us and learn about our family of robotic loadformers.

  • Raptor XR loadformer
    • High-speed flexos
    • Rotary die cutters
    • Specialty gluers
  • Raven loadformer
    • Medium-speed, 50-inch flexos
  • RaptorPAL palletizer
  • High performance pit-less Robotic palletizer

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For more than 40 years, Spokane Valley, Washington-based Alliance Machine Systems International LLC has designed and manufactured more than 14,000 machines for the corrugated industry, with installations worldwide. Alliance offers material handling systems that keep pace with today’s faster finishing machines. It offers high-speed feeding and downstream handling designs that are reliable, cost-effective solutions to increasing productivity. Products include robotic loadformers, stackers, prefeeders, pallet handlers, specialty folder gluers, and more.

Richard Wilkinson

Vice President of Sales and Marketing