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By Benjamin Lauterbach

January 24, 2022


The last one and a half years have been some of the most challenging times Bahmueller has had and certainly also the entire corrugated board converting industry. Despite these adversities, Bahmueller can look back on a very successful year. We are proud that we accomplish our projects worldwide on time. Despite the global travel restrictions, we were able to install and commission all machines by using creative means and solutions successfully. Even in North America several completely auto-mated converting lines with our TURBOX specialty folder gluer and the associated POWERPACKER for automated take-off were successfully installed. The decisions for buying these lines were based on the highest available output and minimized setup time due to the highest degree of automation and inline quality assurance like DIAGONAL FOLD SUPERVISION (DFS) and glue inspection in combination with single box ejection UNIQUE EJECT to assure Zero-Defect delivery. In addition, several customers bought a BGM flexo folder gluer offered by BGM brand, the cooperation of Bahmueller and Goepfert machinery, in order to keep up with the increased demand on print quality, capability for the heaviest double and triple wall qualities and the flexible gluing and stitching sealing method.

We had not rested on our success of the TURBO specialty folder gluer technology and BGM flexo folder gluer and therefore were able to present the latest generation of Bahmueller semi-automated sealing line for 1- and 2-piece stitched, glued and/or taped boxes during the SuperCorr 2021 in Orlando, Florida. Our new Multi Double Line (MDL) is equipped with the latest servo drive technology, machine user interface (HMI) and the latest glue application development of the combination of cold and hot melt glue. With this, we face the demand for increased efficiency, user-friendliness and sustainability.


In order to meet the further trend in automation and the associated demand for our most automated converting equipment, Bahmueller decided to build another production and assembly hall. The construction of the new hall has begun and is expected to be completed in early 2022. This will enable Bahmueller to achieve a significant increase in capacity as well as the ability to respond more quickly and flexibly to customer requirements.

Following the motto “Team up with us”, we look forward to being a part of our customers’ continued success in the following years.


Since 2016 Area Sales Manager North-America for Bahmueller

Degreed Engineer for printing and publishing

Benjamin Lauterbach

Area Sales Manager


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