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By AICC Staff

January 24, 2022


With the increase of e-commerce and the higher amount of delivered goods, the demand for corrugated production is sky high. Yet the market is fragmented with many corrugated printers and tough competition. Along with the need to differentiate their businesses in this tough climate with faster, safer and sustainable processes, corrugated printers need to satisfy increased customer demands for high quality packaging. Thanks to three key technologies from Baldwin, corrugated printers will improve sustainability, safety, production speeds, waste reduction and more. Learn about the top three technologies here or at this free, on-demand webinar:!

With more than 100 years’ experience building equipment for printing presses, it is impossible to find another manufacturer of allied equipment for printing that can match Baldwin’s pedigree. Baldwin’s products are used by high-graphics corrugated printers across the globe to automate common cleaning tasks, as well as for curing and drying of inks or coatings as part of print-production processes. Baldwin also provides consumables (such as cleaning cloths and detergents), parts and aftermarket service, making Baldwin a single-source solution with cleaning, drying and curing technologies.

Baldwin manufactures a full portfolio of capital equipment and related consumables that help printers achieve better results every day. The solutions work in tandem with presses, whatever their make, and Baldwin’s expert team ensures that printers get the expected return in operational efficiencies.


Technology 1 – Cleaning Systems

Baldwin manufactures leading solutions for cleaning high-graphics presses running corrugated materials. The FlexoCleanerBrush™ is Baldwin’s flagship solution to enhance print quality and improve worker safety in corrugated printing. The system automatically removes dust and contamination from the plate and picks hickeys in seconds during production, without stopping the press. It also performs full end-of-job plate cleaning and drying in fewer than four minutes, enabling multiple plates to be cleaned more efficiently, both during and between print runs. This results in dramatically increased uptime, production capacity and sustainability. See FlexoCleanerBrush in action at this free on-demand webinar:

Technology 2 – LED

UV Curing Systems

Baldwin builds UV curing systems that are primarily used to cure coatings as part of the corrugated printing process. The reliable designs are known for providing exceptional curing, which leads to more brilliant appearance of coatings. Baldwin’s X Series™ LED curing equipment consumes up to 80% less energy than conventional UV systems. It dramatically increases gloss levels. Learn more about LED UV curing:

Technology 3 – IR Drying Systems

With more than 10,000 installations worldwide, Baldwin is one of the printing industry’s leading suppliers of IR drying systems. Designed for corrugated flexo printing presses, the FlexoDry™ infrared drying system is an ultra-efficient IR solution that delivers high-quality printing and significant productivity gains. It uses infrared energy generated by patented Diamond IR lamps and an optional integrated hot-air knife airflow system to achieve perfect drying at top speeds. FlexoDry systems can be retrofitted onto existing presses, or integrated as part of a new press installation. Learn how the FlexoDry operates at this free on-demand webinar

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