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January 23, 2024


High-graphic corrugated sheet printing is a tough business; budgets, schedules, and quality expectations are tighter than ever. There’s an old saying in commercial printing: “Speed, Quality, Price: Choose any two.” But we say, “Choose Barberán.”

Developed for package and POP sheet converters, independents, and integrateds alike, the all-new Barberán Jetmaster 2.0 is the most customizable and most productive, single-pass sheet-fed digital inkjet printer on the market—lowering costs and driving efficiency without sacrificing quality.

Speed: Makeready is eliminated. Graphic rotation is instantaneous. Production proofing is 1:1. And with a max output of 141MSF/hr, response time, speed-to-market, and capable-throughput are unmatched.

Quality: New Epson S3200 recirculating, variable drop, continuous-inkjet printheads with 600×600 resolution deliver near-offset quality.

Price: Operating and maintenance cost-savings are unparalleled. Open-market inks promote competitive pricing. And on average, moving lower-volume litho jobs to a Barberán Jetmaster improves margin by 28% and reduces material waste by 20% while freeing litho capacity for longer and more profitable press runs.


Established in 1929, Barberán develops commercial finishing solutions for multiple industries, with commercial machinery operating in over 3,000 factories across 60 countries, and with digital inkjet devices being Barberán’s fastest growing sector.

Barberán first employed single-pass digital in 2007 and was the first to apply the technology to fiberboard and paperboard sheet-fed printers with the Jetmaster Series. Today, Barberán is the most prevalent name in single-pass sheet-fed corrugated digital printing, with more years and devices in-market than anyone else.


Contact us today to request samples and discover how Barberán can improve your output, quality, and margins—advancing your organization into the digital age with the all-new Jetmaster 2.0.

Call or email VP of Barberán Corrugated US, Chuck Slingerland.


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