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By AICC Staff

January 24, 2022



The control of quality in a corrugated plant is increasingly critical to ensure that the cases delivered to customers perform reliably in automatic case erecting machines and make up accurately. Baumer hhs offers a wide range of proven quality control solutions to manage the quality on Flexo folder gluers and Specialty folder gluers.

Flexo folder gluer applications use our rugged and reliable non-contact triple valve. The automatic, integrated water bath prevents the glue in the nozzles from drying out so that the first box through the machine is glued correctly to minimize waste and maximize quality. Optical glue detection options include the cost-effective MLT and our fully featured Xcam. Machines with only a single side glue frame can benefit from our Inverto, which is capable of top down and bottom up glue from a single glue station. Inverto can be optioned with integrated glue detection if desired. As our most cost-effective solution, Baumer hhs has introduced a very competitive FFG GO glue system that cuts cost yet still retains our performance advantages of high pressure, non-contact application.

Flexo folder gluer applications can also use our Box Monitoring solutions to control the manufacturers’ GAP as well as slot depth monitoring. Both GAP and slot real time trend lines may be displayed on the screen to provide immediate feedback as the operator sets up the machine for optimal box quality. Our real time results are accurate for finished boxes, even after passing through the counter-ejector where it is “spanked” with a squaring device before ejecting the bundle.

Bundle reject signal options can be applied to any of these quality devices, allowing them to interface with most commercially available bundle reject solutions.

Specialty folder gluer options pair our proven high pressure non-contact glue application with our Xcam camera solution to scan for glue, anti-glue, skew, folded flaps, print and other targets. Our wide view application places the cameras out of harm’s way and reduces the need to reposition the QC cameras during a setup change. Fast and easy QC setup is accomplished via the large format touch screen. Defects may be sprayed for manual removal from the product stream, or optionally interfaced with an ejector for fully automated removal.

For more information on how Baumer hhs can improve your quality, contact our sales team at or 937-886-3160.

Richard Pallante became President of Baumer hhs’ USA and Canada subsidiary in January 2020. Pallante joined the company in 2017 as Business Development Manager–Packaging.


Richard Pallante

President – Baumer hhs USA and Canada


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