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By AICC Staff

January 30, 2023


CorrBox comes to North America

“Sustainable packaging regulations, zero-defect production, rising cost pressure, the increasing shortage of skilled workers, and the instability of global supply chains—a number of challenges affecting the industry right now prompted us to rethink adhesive application and monitoring in corrugated packaging production. We had several goals in mind, some of which initially seemed incompatible. The result of our efforts is the revolutionary CorrBox Solution system for flexo folder gluers (FFG). It boasts unprecedented performance and flexibility and gives our customers significant advantages,” explains Ken Robinson, Corrugated Business Development Manager at Baumer hhs.

Camera-like sensor

For its CorrBox Solution, the company developed the PGD 1000, a cold glue verification sensor with camera-like properties that sets new standards in monitoring the gluing process. Previously, adhesives were mixed with additives that fluoresce under UV light to create contrast between the surface of the packaging and the glue so that cameras could detect the adhesive. The wide range of surfaces—kraft, white, and preprint—presented challenges in that some also contained UV. The glue additives not only made the adhesives more expensive, but they were unacceptable under food safety laws in some cases, and they limited purchasing options. The PGD 1000 eliminates all of these . The new sensor reliably detects adhesive on corrugated board without any fluorescing additives whatsoever. “This new detection works reliably on all surfaces—kraft, white, and preprint,” explains Ken Robinson.

Eliminating the need for UV in the adhesives offers yet another advantage: Corrugated packaging producers can now use a wider range of adhesives.

In addition to checking the presence of glue, the PGD 1000 also measures the lateral position of glue lines to guard against squeeze out to reduce both inside and outside stickers—further increasing the reliability of the overall production process.

Unique new multi-application head

The new PX 1000 module for the multi-application head opens and closes considerably faster than all other comparable heads, and with a 42% higher closing force than its predecessor. This innovative technology guarantees premium gluing results across a wide range of adhesives. The nozzles on the multi-application head can combine with an optional water bath that effectively prevents them from drying out during long shutdowns. As result, the PX 1000 multi-application head displays excellent startup behavior and is reliable. This provides for longer runs due to less cleaning of the nozzle. The increased performance of the PX1000 allows for a stitching algorithm to be used at the fastest speeds of the OEM machine. This results in significant adhesive savings and even increases the adhesive bonding strength of the manufacturer’s joint. Both items reduce waste and provide a positive sustainability message for the application.

Simple operation

The CorrBox Solution is based on the proven Xtend3 controller from Baumer hhs. “Xtend3 is known for its intuitive, menu-driven interface. Repeat orders and saved settings can be retrieved at the push of a button. With these features, the Xtend3 also supports very short setup times. In combination with the PGD 1000 sensor, the Xtend3 gives corrugated converters access to new possibilities and functions. With this sensor, machine operators can follow the gluing process live, in real time on the screen of the Xtend3 controller—something that was only possible before with a camera system.

The CorrBox Solution is of modular design. Thanks to its open architecture, the system can grow along with the needs of customers long term, meaning it offers them future-proof equipment and the assurance of a secure investment.

Baumer hhs has consistently made pioneering achievements in the field of industrial gluing and quality assurance by questioning established methods and developing novel solutions. Once again, the company has lived up to this tradition with its CorrBox Solution for corrugated converters.

Ken Robinson is the Baumer hhs Business Development Manager for the Corrugated Market. Mr. Robinson earned his BSME from Wright State University and joined Baumer hhs in 2004 as Technical Director. A Corrugated Solutionist with an eye for innovation and a passion for customers, Ken looks to create market-driven solutions where others may not. Ken has over eighteen years of experience investigating box plants throughout North America.


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