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Baysek Machines, Inc.

By AICC Staff

January 24, 2022


In a prolonged state of world change, now more than ever, ergonomics is playing a bigger role in “one operator” Baysek Machines, Inc. die cutter acquisitions. Obtaining and retaining employees has become a major challenge. So what does management do in a rapidly growing industry with an absence of an available workforce? Decision makers turn to “technology” and the “one operator” Baysek C-170 die cutter to adapt to demand for increased productivity during a period of critical labor shortage.


C-170 Die Cutter – One Operator

Engineered and manufactured in the U.S.A., the CE Certified C-170 rotary anvil-flatbed die cutter produces food-grade multiple-out die cuts with no nicks/tags, angel hair, or paper dust. The versatile C-170 masters simple and complicated jobs, F-Flute through Double Wall, Solid/Thin/Chip Board, Foil/Foam/Printed laminates, Coated Board, Single/Open Face Corrugated, Warped & Recycled Board, and more. The reciprocating flat die is compressed between two rotary anvils. Simple and Complex shapes (up to 60 pieces per cycle) are 100% perimeter shear cut and held in the die via suction cups while scrap is simultaneously extracted up the pneumatic waste hood and directed to ecofriendly recycling. Accurately counted finished pieces are neatly stacked on the unload table via unload suction cup assemblies at a rate of 1800 cycles per hour. Orderly finished units exit the machine ready for shipping preparation. The entire process is carried out by one person via a user-friendly computerized touch screen.

EL-150 Die Cutter

The EL-150 offers the same labor reducing cutting and stripping capabilities as the C-170 at roughly half the speed and half the cost of the C-170. The EL-150 was designed for smaller start-up companies on a lesser budget or convertors looking for a larger custom format than the C-170.

I-6072 & IR-6072 Load Turners

The I-6072 and IR-6072 load turners require no pit and contain no messy hydraulics. Variable speed vibration allows easy squaring and the removal of damaged sheets and dunnage. One operator can flip and/or rotate sheet stacks without the risk of physical injury. Optional multiple conveyor lines from the IR-6072 allow service to multiple C-170 die cutters or other equipment.

GalXE – Direct to CorrugatedDigital Printer

When customers ask, Baysek delivers. Baysek now offers the ability to digitally print bar & QR codes, part numbers, and other identification on boxes, partition sets, and other jobs. Printers are offered inline or stand alone, and are available in One Color, Two Color Spot, and 4 Color Process.

Trades & Reconditioned Equipment

Baysek accepts rare trade-ins of older machine models when upgrading to a new Baysek C-170 die cutter. Servo and conveyor infeed conversions are also offered in the field upon request.

Commitment to Excellent Service

Baysek was built on customer service, caring for machines around the world with 24-hour access to service technicians committed to keeping customers running at maximum potential. Additionally, Baysek Machines & Engineering is located in Gloucestershire, United Kingdom, which services all of Europe. Parts and consumables are stocked for customer convenience at both Baysek locations

Baysek’s knowledgeable and friendly team stands ready to assist. Contact Baysek by Phone: 715-824-5300 or Email: Livestream machine demonstrations and headquarter tours remain available.

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