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BHS Corrugated

By AICC Staff

January 24, 2022

BHS Corrugated is the leading supplier of Corrugators, Corrugator Technology, and Corrugator Lifecycle Support. The continued development of our products is driven by our vision for the factory of the future “Box Plant 2025”. “Box Plant 2025” incorporates the foundation of our corrugator products, the operation of our Digital and Logistics offerings, and the support of our Lifecycle services. With options from 72 to 132 and production speeds up to 1500 FPM, our portfolio of corrugators can meet any production needs. The following are a sampling of the various product lines offered by BHS Corrugated:

Width Line – As the only supplier to offer a 132 corrugator, BHS continues to provide options for our high output customers. The Width Line can be configured as single, double, or triple wall on the Wet-End and double or triple knife on the Dry-End. Additionally, it can now achieve speeds up to 1300 FPM. These options make the BHS Width Line second to none in its production capabilities.

Speed Line – Offering a true 1500 FPM capable line in both 98 and 110, the Speed Line is ideal for the high output box plant or sheet feeder. This option can be configured in double or triple wall at the Wet-End as well as double or triple knife on the Dry-End.

Volume Line – Offering 110 line with a top speed of 1300 FPM suited for the high-volume box plants & Sheet Feeders of today.

All the above lines incorporate the leading technology that sets BHS apart, which includes the BHS belted single facer technology that has made the Modul Facer the leading high performance single facer in the market. Our single facer family also includes the AF-P and the newest addition EF-P. Our corrugator lines go well beyond, and also include the Value and Quality lines. From 1000 FPM to 1500 FPM or 72 to 132, BHS Corrugated has the corrugator to meet your production needs now and long into the future.

All corrugator lines, regardless of speed or width, are prepared to take your plant into the digital age. All machines come prepared with iCorr®. The iCorr® Universe comprises the digital product portfolio of BHS Corrugated. You—the customer—are at the center of the iCorr® Universe which includes, but is not limited to, iCorr® Operations Support—a truly digital online monitoring of your corrugator parameters and performance around the clock. The iCorr® Operations Support makes it possible to identify production loses at an early stage and reduce stop times to a minimum. In addition to this aspect of the iCorr® Universe, there is also the iCorr® Assist Glasses. These glasses allow you to get the experts of BHS Corrugated directly to your corrugator within seconds; the state-of-the-art wearable technology allows for audio & visual support anywhere at any time.

BHS Intralogistics is the next piece in the plan of “Box Plant 2025”. BHS Intralogistics brings to market BHS iMotion which comprises the BHS iLifter autonomous clamp truck and the BHS iShuttle for autonomous paper roll delivery to the corrugator. Coupled with the BHS iCMS warehouse management and control ensures a seamless dynamic paper roll handling solution.

Rounding out “Box Plant 2025” is the most transformative innovation from BHS—The RSR® Digital Print Unit. The RSR® (Roll to printed sheet in real time) from BHS Corrugated is a high-volume digital printer designed for requirements of corrugated box. With speeds up to 1000 FPM and working width up to 110, this is a state-of-the-art machine. With its modular design, it can be configured based on your production requirements. Want to know more about the BHS Corrugated RSR®? Contact your local BHS representative to find out how.

For all the product offerings BHS offers, we match them with the opportunity for corresponding Lifecyle products to support you through the many years of operation. From traditional maintenance to full maintenance of your equipment, NICE (not including capital expenditure) rolls for all your corrugating roll needs, C.A.R.E (corrugating roll cart exchange program), and the list goes on. We have the product to match your needs today and long into the future. To learn more about any of the BHS Corrugated products, please contact us at


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