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Bibliography Update: Fourth Edition

By AICC Staff

December 1, 2020

“Every few years, we would compile in BoxScore a review of the technical articles since the last update, which in this case was in July 2017. We are now attempting to do these summaries more often. These five offerings a year, which exclude the Big Associates Issue at the beginning of the year, are only part of the wider knowledge we extend to you through webinars, seminars, Ask Ralph access, the website search engine, phone calls, and personal emails. This service for you is only as good as the network of AICC that sustains the resources to this day. We also have access to books and research papers that are no longer available, as well as access to other trade associations.

The other previous three bibliographies are available along with the mentioned articles, so just ask. Here are the articles from the last three years:

  • On Regulations: This submission began to address the regulations that affect our industry and the operating environments. Subjects included forest certification, plant safety, food regulations, consumer safety, Canadian issues, trade associations, plant regulations, and vendor certifications. From small beginnings, we went on to publish an 11-page white paper on regulations, which can be accessed through the AICC website.
  • Foreign Ownership of Domestic Containerboard: Those countries are China, Ireland, England, Australia, Mexico, and Canada.
  • Combining Really Low Basis Weight Boards: A few observations on the 18–31# linerboard and how to evaluate their combined board strengths.
  • Flute vs. Paperboard: The cover story in the May/June 2018 issue of BoxScore.
  • Expected Values for Containerboards Updated: We added some properties and discussion around 18–23# linerboards
  • Paperboard, Boxboard, Containerboard, and Paper: A look at capacities and end-use market, as well as the shifts occurring from solid-fiber paperboard packaging to small-flute corrugated.
  • Substrates: An article by guest writer Serge Desgagnés, general manager, sales and customer service, at Kruger Inc., in which he discusses what substrates are, paperboard, growth, alternative fiber disruptions, and state of the art in linerboard today.
  • Updating Educational Resources: A look into moving formerly printed brochures and materials into electronic editions.
  • Boxboard Primer: An overview of the other side of the fiber-based packaging business in North America. It is only one-quarter of the corrugated and containerboard market, with production by very few companies. There are four main grades of boxboard: solid bleached sulfate, coated unbleached kraft, coated recycled board, and uncoated recycled board.
  • Education: A reminder of what we share in meetings, webinars, seminars, summits, and attendance at technical committees where we represent you as members and associates. We also included an economic review that is now presented almost daily by the National Association of Manufacturers’ newsletter that is forwarded to you. Dick and Greg Storat continue to publish Scoring Boxes.
  • The European Invasion: This was a vignette on the arrival of DS Smith into the United States and their style of marketing. Also included were glimpses of their perspectives on e-commerce, optimizing packaging design, and refibering in North America.
  • Corrugated Business During the Disruption: We discussed the uneven levels of business activities, shifting end-use markets, e-commerce, virus updates, shifting eating habits, and challenges to the folding carton and rigid box segments. Also included were major uncertainties in OCC collection, prices, landfilling, and exports, a mill’s shift to URB, e-learning, reshoring, and employment.
  • Summer Reading List: An overview of new research white papers stored on the AICC website, with considerations to the dynamic nature of containerboard properties.
  • Looking Beyond COVID-19: Views of working at home, e-commerce, bankruptcies, challenges to the folding carton and rigid box industry, and their impact on paperboard capacities.
  • The Times They Are a-Changin’: UN hazmat packaging may be changing now to include ECT and not just the linerboard basis weights and Cobb. Item 222 has consolidated multiple tariffs. Independents continue to lead in digital printing, owning about 64% of that segment. Have you investigated the new domestically produced 16# liners? There’s a new e-learning module coming on Auditing Your Corrugator for Maximizing Combined Board Strength.

Portrait of Ralph YoungRalph Young is the principal of Alternative Paper Solutions and is AICC’s technical advisor. Contact Ralph directly about technical issues that impact our industry at”