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BOBST North America Inc.

By AICC Staff

January 28, 2021

width=328The BOBST vision is shaping a new reality where connectivity, digitalization, automation and sustainability are the cornerstones of packaging production. BOBST continues to deliver best-in-class machines, and is now adding intelligence, software capabilities and cloud-based platforms, to make packaging production better than ever.

Connectivity: Imagine a world in which your entire packaging production line is connected. Brand owners, converters, toolmakers, Packers and retailers are all part of a seamless supply chain. Accessing data across the entire workflow, all the machines and tooling talk to each other through a cloud based platform. Transmitting data online, every step is fully monitored to provide control points throughout the entire process.

Digitalization: Imagine a world where all processes undergo a coherent digitalization of the workflow. Transforming the way information is exchanged, printing and converting are digitalized for maximum efficiency and agility to allow even faster time to market and speed up every single production step.

Automation: Imagine a situation in which your entire production line is automated. Smart systems perform key operations which increase quality and save time, manpower and cost. Sustainability: Imagine a world where we really respect the environment. Work with all forces, which will be a sustainable value proposition inherent in your production, allowing you to deliver environmentally competitive packages and meet the demands of brand owners and consumers.

The synergy of these four cornerstones introduces intelligence and advanced capabilities to your packaging production, enabling you to become efficient and more sustainable.

Brian is a visibly active member of the Bobst North America team, serving as the Vice President of the Sheet Fed Business Units (Corrugated Board and Folded Carton). With an education in finance, Brian has been with Bobst North America for 18 years.

Brian oversees a team of sales managers, but that does not stop him from being present to meet with customers and prospects alike. “I go where the customers are,” says Brian. “I find great satisfaction in preparing our equipment for demonstration for our North America market, no matter which coast you reside.”

width=120Brian Kentopp

Vice President Business Unit Sheet Fed