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Breaking Down Boxes: Hear the Voice of the Independent

By AICC Staff

March 21, 2022

AICC, with hosts Gene Marino, executive vice president of Akers Packaging Service Group and AICC board chair, and Joe Morelli, vice president of sales and marketing at Huston Patterson Printers and AICC Associate board chair, is launching the Association’s first podcast, Breaking Down Boxes.

During Breaking Down Boxes, Marino and Morelli interview key individuals in the independent paper and board packaging space. Michael D’Angelo, AICC president, says, “AICC members have so many compelling stories to share and, with them, lessons to embrace. The independent experience is fascinating and relatable on so many levels. Breaking Down Boxes with Gene and Joe is the best way to share these stories. Listen anytime. There is something of value in each one.”

Marino and Morelli share an interest in leadership and understanding the story behind the successes and failures of those in the independent packaging space.

Morelli says, “AICC’s membership is full of people who have such powerful stories of growth, success, and even failure. Gene and I have been fortunate over the years to hear firsthand what their experiences have been like, and ultimately, a lot of it has helped shape our own careers. We are both really excited to help share their valuable insight!”

A podcast trailer and a bonus episode, which offers background and insights into the lives of the hosts, are currently available, as well as the first episode, which features an interview with Greg Tucker, Chair and CEO of Bay Cities. The second episode, available Monday, April 4, will feature John Bird, Chair and CEO of JB Machinery.

“Joe and I are excited to deliver to the membership stories and advice from successful industry entrepreneurs,” Marino says. “We have been fortunate enough to enjoy similar stories over the years and feel that sharing to a broader audience provides insights intobeing a better leader. We hope you enjoy.”


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