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BW Papersystems

By AICC Staff

January 24, 2022


BW Papersystems is a premier corrugator manufacturer with a wide range of complete corrugators and corrugator components to match your specific production needs. Every plant has different requirements with respect to paper types, paper grades, web width, overall production capacity and speed. BW Papersystems machines are customized to meet those specific requirements.

These solutions are categorized as Performance, Harmony and Value Corrugators:

The Performance Corrugator offers maximum production and board quality. This line features the Sentinel, a complete corrugator control system, which automatically optimizes all process variables, monitors board quality and facilitates information to be communicated throughout the corrugator. Designed to work as one unit, the Fusion Knife Stacker can be configured to be up to 1,500fpm in 98 and 112 widths.

The Harmony Corrugator is designed for customers looking for a value on cost-to-performance, and a “crushless” corrugator that offers quality board to satisfy their market requests. This is a customized solution with a modular design to meet your market needs. The Harmony Corrugator is available in 98 and 110 widths at speeds from 1,000 to 1,150fpm.

The Value Corrugator is reliable and cost effective, with an emphasis on cost-to-performance ratio. The Value Corrugator, and its comprehensive management system, fits well in markets that require a high volume of order changes, with moderate demand for product output for narrow to wide widths. Value Corrugators can be configured in 70, 87, 98 and 110 widths with speeds from 650fpm to 1,150fpm.


In addition to complete corrugators and corrugator components, they offer VortX Starch Mixing Systems in a variety of configurations to meet your production needs and can process all types of starch.

The MarquipWardUnited rotary die cutters from BW Papersystems will help you meet any customer requirements. The ServoPro and G-Grafix Rotary Die Cutters can be configured with single pass inside print. The MaxPro Rotary Die Cutter is the fastest rotary die cutter in the world, proven to run over 200 sheets per minute, with set-up while run functionality, on a true 128. The G-Grafix Flexo Folder Gluer offers a variety of widths and print unit configurations all of which can include single pass inside print. Additionally, by combining a dual slotter with a TwinBox Slitter™, you will double

flexo production.

Contact BW Papersystems at or visit to learn more.

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