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C&M Conveyor

By Brett Jaffe

January 24, 2022

Since 1982, C&M Conveyor has led the way to innovate robust and safe automation material handling products and systems to address the industry’s ongoing desire for increased quality and throughput, while constantly improving safety.

C&M Conveyor has a formal Voice of the Customer (VOC) process to truly listen to and understand our customers’ needs and values. With this information, our cross-functional teams develop new products, services, and solutions to deliver increased efficiency and velocity while enhancing safety. Our mesh ball rotator and bundle conveyors are examples delivering on these values. C&M’s mesh ball rotator conveyor provides a rollerless surface that utilizes a modular ball-belt and integrated worm gear driven rotational disc. This highly effective design allows us to rotate units at a higher speed and hold the load integrity.

C&M’s mesh ball bundle conveyor allows our customers to achieve transfer rates in excess of 20 bundles per minute and gives them the ability to side-shift, right-angle transfer in one or two directions, and rotate and load build in a smaller footprint. Efficiency at the load former or robotic layer former is improved by grouping bundles together, side-by-side, rotating orientation and reducing operator or machine interface.

Another example of how we boost efficiency is with our shipping and distribution systems, which offer higher throughput @240-plus loads per hour. This system also features an automatic dunnage transfer system for the automatic application of top sheets to finished units to remove the operator constraints. One additional option with the dunnage transfer system is to digitally print load information on the dunnage prior to application to the load. This further removes obstacles within your plant by removing the need for an operator to insert the load tags manually. Our shipping and distribution system utilizes a camera to scan the load for size and shape information and has larger capacity to store customer custom strap patterns.

C&M’s next generation Computer Inventory Management System (CIMS) offers full-plant automation and can identify processes that are not running efficiently or are generating more waste. It communicates with the customer’s scheduling system and has decision-making software to move material based on the schedule. CIMS also enables strapping systems to interface with scheduling systems and offers scrap tracking capabilities.



With our integrated controls and the pending introduction of predictive maintenance diagnostics, we are looking to prevent unplanned failures while only repairing/replacing equipment and components when maintenance is truly necessary.

In combining Ohio Blow Pipe with C&M Conveyor, we have a tremendous understanding of industry needs and can provide the complete package of customized and integrated material handling and scrap removal systems. We strive to safely and efficiently manage your entire material flow from roll to bale to shipping, and everything in between!

Brett Jaffe