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Corrugated Solutions

By AICC Staff

January 24, 2022


Corrugated Solutions was founded with a passion for problem solving in 2017, by Michael Klear and Michael Prassel. With over 40 years of combined experience in the corrugated and the pulp and paper industries, the Mikes started a journey to assist converters around the country by finding them the best solutions to meet their goals and needs.

“We take pride in working with the best suppliers in the industry to provide our customers with innovative services that keep their plants running efficiently and profitably.” Says Michael Klear, President of Corrugated Solutions.

Corrugated Solutions Partners

Sun Automation Group. SUN is a global industry leader providing box plants with innovative corrugated solutions for feeding, printing and converting.

Kristian Dillard, Midwest Regional Sales Manager, says, “Through SUN, we offer multiple upgrade and retrofit options for plants looking to extend the life of their current machines. One of the more exciting opportunities for plants right now is the Spectrum Inside Print retrofit, giving converters the ability to print on both sides of the box in one pass.”

PARA. PARA offers a variety of material handling and machinery solutions designed for efficient handling from corrugator to converting line and beyond.

Latitude Machinery Corporation. LMC is a world-class manufacturer of Corrugated Converting Equipment, specializing in Flexo Folder Gluers and Rotary Die Cutters.

“Some of the top LMC features popular among our clients are the low total cost of ownership, the simplified engineering and controls and the set while run capabilities,” says Cody Brant, Southeast Regional Sales Manager.

Helios IIoT. Helios is a new AI and machine learning platform that is OEM-agnostic and engineered to provide users access to robust, actionable insights into the performance of their machines.

Michael Prassel, COO, exclaims, “The potential for Helios is enormous! With remote monitoring, anomaly detection and predictive maintenance data, converters can be more efficient than ever using this new IIoT technology.”

Highcon. Highcon has developed a unique and proprietary technology for digital cutting and creasing solutions for post print processes.

C&M Conveyor. C&M Conveyor has been providing industrial conveyor systems and designs, including, automatic chain transfers, strapper consoles, transfer car conveyors and more, for over 30 years.

“It’s an exciting time for C&M—with the new branding of C&M Conveyor and Ohio Blow Pipe to ‘Innoveyance’ we’re excited to offer reliable conveyor systems with a refreshed look and vision,” says Klear.

Ohio Blow Pipe. Ohio Blow Pipe specializes in custom system solutions for trim/scrap conveying, cyclone based systems and dust collection, since 1932.

Arco Murray. Arco Murray uses a proven design-build methodology to bring converters’ production floors to life, while delivering the very best experience.

Simply Packed. Simply Packed is designed to be your one-stop-shop for the essential packaging products you use the most, such as pallet wrap, PPE, tape, strapping and much more.

Solutions Tailored to You

From plant builds to capital equipment installs, Corrugated Solutions is here to match you with the right solutions, tailored to your needs and goals. Contact our team today to discover your best Corrugated Solution— or call 847-220-8348.

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