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CST Systems, Inc.

January 23, 2024

Moisture Control for Corrugated Board

On a continuous quest for innovation and with a constant dedication to improving industrial processes that will increase productivity and safety in various industries, including corrugated and converting industries, Renova has built a solid reputation for meeting the needs of companies worldwide. CST Systems, Inc., the exclusive North and Central America representative for all Renova products, is proud to introduce the newest revolutionary Renova system for corrugators, the advanced Nebula Moisture Control Integrated System.

Humidity control scanner that, with an “S” movement, measures the data both in transversal and longitudinal directions. (The scanner is also available in a fixed version.

Nebula’s Moisture Control results from the synergy of advanced monitoring and control technologies combined with an intuitive interface designed for significant optimization of quality and efficiency of production processes in the corrugated industry. Because moisture enables the cardboard to heat without losing elasticity, allowing the glue to penetrate more efficiently while reducing starch consumption, precisely optimizing humidity levels can lead to a significant reduction in the required amount of starch, up to 20%.

The Nebula emits a mixture of air and heated water. This action prevents the cardboard from over-drying, while moisture retention helps stabilize temperatures on all layers of the paperboard for an extended period. The Nebula Scanner, together with the “Nebula Warp Scanner,” can monitor real-time changes in temperature, humidity, and even the warp of the cardboard, at a controlled rate. This capability allows immediate measures to be taken through dynamic closed-loop control to ensure optimal production conditions.

The scanner is equipped with a humidity and temperature sensor that allows a real-time reading of the values on the line.

The Nebula Integrated Moisture Control System features

A SIMPLIFIED CONNECTIVITY: An optimized solution for essential connections, all in one connector.

WATER FLOW RATE REGULATION: The flow rate of the spray is adjusted to adapt both to the speed of the line and the characteristics of the cardboard.

SINGULARLY ACTIVATED NOZZLES: Nebula has 16 to 18 moisture management points according to the application width, and each can be activated separately.

ANTI-DRIP SYSTEM: Nebula Moisturizer has advanced technology to operate in challenging environments. The anti-drip study that prevents condensation and eliminates the risk of water droplets falling on the line.

AUTOMATIC ANGLE ADJUSTMENT: The automated motorized system allows working on different layers of cardboard, adapting to production needs.

The water mist prevents the board from over-drying during the heating process. Moisture keeps temperatures constant longer across all corrugated board layers.

CONTACTLESS DETECTION SENSOR: The Nebula scanner uses a non-contact detection system.


The Nebula System can be installed at several points of the line. Together with the customer, it will be determined which application points are best suited to the plant’s needs and based on the expected results of the final product, the best Nebula combination will be suggested.

Please contact the CST Systems Sales Team at 770-425–3353 or visit for more information.

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