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CST Systems Inc.

By AICC Staff

January 28, 2021

width=522width=297 width=302CST Systems Inc. has partnered with Renova to further expand its celebrated line of battery-powered roll movers and launch a brand new line of battery-powered cart handling equipment. Renova’s Moviroll (MRE) roll movers, distributed in the USA exclusively by CST Systems, have long been praised throughout the corrugated industry since their launch in 2014 for their groundbreaking true lithium-ion battery that boasts an impressive 2-year warranty and the ability to hold a working charge for 24-36 hours, one of a kind “freewheeling” design, and heavy-duty motors backed by an industry-best, 2-year warranty. CST is now proud to announce the release of the 2021 Renova MRE XS Compact lithium battery-powered roll pusher. Now operators can be confident in their ability to navigate tight spaces between rolls or cramped working conditions to safely handle rolls up to 44,000 lbs. without sacrificing the maneuverability, power, or reliability that the Renova MRE is known for.

width=317Building upon the success of their roll pushers and the desire to constantly innovate for their clients’ success, CST is also thrilled to launch the all new Renova MCE Cart Mover. The MCE is a battery-powered cart mover designed to safely and easily push or pull carts on wheels or rails. Complementing its ease of operation, the MCE also comes equipped with three different cart gripper heights to move a variety of cart sizes, and an available handle extension to safely work with long or protruding loads without needing to use multiple units.

Thanks to their clients and a hard-fought reputation as a top tier and honest innovator within the corrugated and converting industry for the last 18 years, CST Systems has built itself up from a one-man shop to a national team of experienced field and support staff helping clients safely and efficiently reach their production goals in all 50 states. Contact CST today to learn more about the MRE XS and MCE models and learn why there is nothing more important to us, than our client’s success. Do you know what’s possible?

John McQueary is the National Sales Manager for CST Systems. He, and the rest of the CST team, specialize in working with clients to find productive solutions and implement continuous improvements to their corrugator and converting machinery and processes.

width=105John McQueary

National Sales Manager


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