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By AICC Staff

January 24, 2022


EAM-Mosca Corporation had a busy 2021 and is excited to announce the introduction of their two newest strapping systems, the MAX-Q SoniXs squaring bundler, and the CTV SoniXs unitizer.

Well known for the highly successful SQ4A Tandem System, EAM-Mosca’s new MAX-Q reinvents the conventional Tandem System for squaring and strapping bundles by combining proven technologies with new designs and product handling.

The new system, which is designed to be used behind a box slitter, integrates two strappers whose position can be varied inside a fixed-length chassis to align with the strap-to-strap distance of adjoining bundles. This unique design allows it to strap two bundles simultaneously without separating the bundle after slitting. By simultaneously strapping, the MAX-Q increases bundle throughputs by 50% from 32 per minute in the current SQ4A Tandem System to 48 per minute.

In addition, the MAX-Q features

an innovative, patent-pending vari-able-length roller conveyor that enables a 48% reduction in line space compared to the SQ4A Tandem System, from 160.8 to only 83.6. The space-saving shorter footprint simplifies the high-speed conveying of unstable small box bundles that complicates conventional bundling systems.

EAM-Mosca’s next generation of bundling systems enables box makers to take full advantage of faster flexos and bundle splitters in response to increased demand for small boxes.

Also introduced in 2021 is the five headed CTV-SoniXs®. An all-electric unitizer designed to allow high throughput when strapping units requiring closer strap spacing, a higher number of straps per unit or more units per hour. The CTV combines the speed, reliability and longevity of prior EAM-Mosca SoniXs® unitizers with a narrower version of the SoniXs® strap-ping head that allows strap spacings as close as 9 inches with up to 5 heads per unitizer.

Heads and tracks may be placed at spacings of 9, 9, 23.5 and 15 inches. Three straps can be applied in a single hit within 18 inches and up to 5 straps can be spaced as wide as 56 inches. The benefit is a higher percentage of single hit units, enabling the system to approach peak production levels for a wider range of unit load variation and strapping requirements.

Importantly, the narrow version of the SoniXs® sealing head is a reconfiguration of the current SoniXs® unitizer head that has been the key component for the Mosca Unitizer pro-gram for well over a decade. Thus, the narrower version provides customers with all the performance and reliability of the current SoniXs® unitizer head while accommodating the required strap patterns of small loads with a single platen hit.

Both innovations will allow custom-ers to future proof their production, especially given the increase in e-com-merce shipments and related small box demand. The resulting combination of higher unit throughput and less stable units requires more straps and faster throughput to maintain bundle or unit load integrity.

EAM-Mosca strives to be forward thinking with the goal to help customers be prepared to handle current packaging trends, and to be ready for upcoming changes that might occur six months or six years down the road.

Randy Wright

VP Corrugated Industry Sales

570-582-9316 (mobile)

EAM-Mosca Headquarters phone: 570-459-3426