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By AICC Staff

January 28, 2021




Driven By Quality –

Leading By Innovation

For over 35 years, companies have trusted us to reliably strap their product for shipment. Our continued technological innovations have enabled us to provide superior performance with the lowest total cost of ownership throughout our history. We offer a wide variety of bundlers and unitizers engineered to easily integrate into the latest high-speed flexo folder gluers, die cutters, bundle breakers, slitters, and material handling systems.

Combining our innovative engineering with a performance first focus has allowed us to continually adapt to changing packaging requirements and enables our customers to benefit from reduced parts replacements, lower maintenance costs, and productivity improvements.

SoniXs® Technology – The New Strapping Standard

In 2010 Mosca developed an ultrasonic sealing method to seal plastic strap ends together, setting a new standard in the strapping industry. Mosca’s SoniXs® ultrasonic sealing technology creates a stronger, more reliable seal. It’s easy to set up, cool to the touch, and seals both polypropylene (PP) and polyester (PET) strap. Using ultrasonic vibrations instead of heat or friction to seal eliminates emissions, smoke, and dust and requires no warm-up time, reducing power consumption.

Bundling Solutions

Our wide variety of strapping solutions are tailored to meet your specific application, from manual offline bundlers to more complex, in-line, fully automatic systems.

The TRC6-SQ4 SoniXs® squaring bundler is one of our most popular bundlers and features electrically driven backstops with side conditioners for consistently uniform loads. The SQ4 SoniXs® can strap and square up to 24 bundles per minute, but if higher production or redundancy is required, a tandem system is the best solution.

We’ve offered a tandem solution for over ten years. The SQ4A-SoniXs® Tandem System easily integrates into existing lines and is proven to strap and square up to 36 bundles per minute. Its two-zone entry/pacing conveyors reduce transport time for small bundles to meet throughput and integration requirements of high-speed flexo lines. Both SQ4 systems are capable of strapping bundles as small as 7×7 and have the option of an automatic dual coil changer, which automatically changes strap coils without operator intervention in only 12 seconds.

Unitizing Solutions

Our electric compression unitizers feature SoniXs® sealing technology and have proven to create highly reliable seals with PET strap from 9mm–12mm. The “MoscaTrak” system provides real-time diagnostics and data collection for greater insight into operational performance and helps determine if corrective actions are needed. This system also allows our technicians to provide remote support for added convenience and reduced downtime.

Our most popular electric unitizer, the CTR-SoniXs®, features a heavy-duty powered roller conveyor for consistent load positioning, accommodates up to three strapping heads, and straps up to 220 loads per hour. For safety, our Automatic Platen Support (Platen ZES) is included as standard. Options include pallet lances, an internal turntable, and our Advanced Platen Safety System.

Service and Support

We view technical support as an integral part of our complete system approach. You can expect the same high-quality service and support as you find with our strapping systems.

Our field service technicians are factory trained and strategically located throughout North and South America for fast and comprehensive machine repairs or scheduled maintenance. In addition, our in-house technicians are available to answer any questions or concerns you may have over the phone or by email and perform remote diagnostics for off-site live troubleshooting.

Our services also include new machine installation, supervision and training, emergency after-hours technical phone support for specific in-line production equipment, on-site technical assessments and equipment inspections, custom and standard preventive maintenance programs, and in-house remote technical troubleshooting.

Want to learn more? Contact us by calling 570-459-3426, visit our website and chat with us online or email us at We look forward to partnering with you.

Randy Wright

VP of Corrugated Sales

Mobile/Office: 570-582-9316

Headquarters: 570-459-3426