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By AICC Staff

January 28, 2021

width=1000width=255“Rolling IN and rolling OUT” describes the pallet logistics management system from Elitron. This automatic pallet logistics system can be made-to-measure for each individual production site, taking into consideration the space available, any restrictions and the desired level of automation required today, but with an eye to the future, and possible upgrades too.

For a seamless workflow, pallet management and pallet transportation, automatic sheet loading, cutting, and creasing, right through to the finished pallet post cutting, with a nick-free perfect cut.

Elitron’s industrial Kombo TAV-R is a true workhorse: specifically engineered to meet finishing requirements of short to medium sized production runs, 24/7. Not only does the Kombo TAV-R come with an integrated automatic pallet management system, but it is also integrated with the pallet logistics system, and it ensures a continued, non-stop workflow, totally unmanned.

Simply set up the pallets and files and Kombo will cut through the rest: perfect digital finishing, time after time, without any bottleneck.

Elitron has certainly not rested on its laurels, and last year it launched an innovative sheet turner, Reversa, which can be integrated in-line with the logistics system and the Kombo TAV-R, or it can be used as a standalone system.

As digital printers become ever more present, so too is the need to turn sheets coming out of printing prior to going into cutting. Printed boards come out of the printer print side up, and Reversa then automatically turns all formats of boards and perfectly aligns these, ready for finishing or reverse printing. This pallet-to-pallet system is taking the weight out of sheet turning, and further automating finishing departments.

Automatic pallet logistic management – Continued workflow

Non-stop 24/7 productivity – Efficient and rapid turnaround of jobs

Digital cutting for short-medium sized runs – reduced costs and reduced production times

Digital flexibility – business diversification for greater competitive advantage

Digital management – multiple short-run jobs per pallet

Print inside and outside the box using Reversa for sheet turning – greater competitive advantage for your customers.

2021 will be an exciting year for Elitron, with new product launches on the horizon. Find out how we can help improve the way you do business. Contact us to discover how automation and industrial cutting can give you the competitive edge in 2021 and beyond.

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