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By AICC Staff

January 28, 2021

width=300Based on the patented Ultima™ platform, EMBA machines set new standards in converting operations by delivering outstanding productivity, print quality and material efficiency.

This state-of-the-art machine features EMBA’s unique Ultima Feeder and vacuum transport throughout the complete machine, making it the world’s first inline machine to feature EMBA’s patented non-crush technology. The non-crush technology of the Ultima™ platform preserves the strength and geometry of the corrugated board throughout the production process. This means enhanced box performance and substantial material cost savings.

The easy to learn and use software makes the operation of the machine extremely user-friendly, a must for real Quick-Set™ setting of new orders or repeat orders instantly downloaded from the article database. During production, the operator will supervise and control the entire machine through the interactive Operator Interface.

Requested by our customers, our successful Ultima technical platform has now been expanded with an additional machine size, the FFG 215 QS Ultima™, which will be a perfect fit to the existing 175 QS Ultima™ and 245 QS Ultima™. All are built on the proven Ultima concept, with all its advanced features, e.g. non-crush converting, quick-set, high speed, vacuum transfer through the complete machine and low energy consumption. Three machine sizes built on the same platform result in an efficient machine range in any factory from an operational and efficiency point of view.

With a wide range of options available, all of our machines are customized to fit the specific needs of every customer. The speed, intelligence and flexibility of the EMBA QS Ultima™ enable rapid and precise adjustment to the latest market trends and demands.

The non-crush technology of the Ultima™ platform preserves the strength and geometry of the corrugated board throughout the production process. This means enhanced box performance and the only machines truly capable of converting the next generation of lightweight board grades now being introduced to the North American market.

245 DualBox™, Two machines in one! The DualBox™ option on our flagship 245 QS Ultima has introduced a whole new realm of productivity.

TwinFeed™ + XL Slotter = DualBox™ = 2x Output = Record breaking productivity with speeds of over 30k / hour.

Unlike existing solutions for twin box production there will be no tolerance variations between the boxes and you have a production output of up to 33,000 boxes per hour.

McKinley Machinery

EMBA continues to manufacture and support the full range of McKinley Machinery products from our Westlake, Ohio, location.

The McKinley Premier Rotary Die cutters feature Servofeed lead edge feeders, vacuum transfer, reverse angle or chamber doctor blade ink metering, independent servo drives of all units, anvil grinding, quick lock die mounting, touch screen operator control systems and much more.

The McKinley Flexo Folder Gluers feature motorized dual slotting shafts, optional precreasers, extended vacuum folding section, positive gap control, top loading counter ejector and much more.

Inside print units have been an available option since 1997.

Sizes range from 66 x 110 up to 88 x 215 for both RDC and FFG versions.

All machines now come with completely updated control systems from B&R automation.

EMBA Total Maintenance Program participants continue to report consistent reductions in downtime and overall maintenance costs.

Contact: or 440-360-7940, and he will be happy to discuss the details of this program, and customize a plan to fit your maintenance needs.

For sales inquiries contact:

width=139George W. Linn, Sales Manager





width=136Scott Davidson, Western Region Sales Manager

1-713-542-7202 – General Sales inquiries



For complete information on our range of EMBA and McKinley products and services visit us at