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January 23, 2024

Upsize your output with the new 295 QS Ultima™

The latest model in the Ultima™ machine family has been delivered and fully prototyped. We are pleased that machine numbers 3, 4, and 5 carry US ZIP codes. The 295 QS Ultima™ brings flexibility and top-class performance to the large box segment. EMBA Machinery now offers machine range that will cover all of our customers’ size needs.

In addition to the outstanding output, the 295 QS Ultima™ delivers all the features and benefits of the Ultima™ servo platform, including quick-set, true no-crush converting, clean print technology with either variable speed doctor rolls or dual reverse angle chambered doctor blades, and the well proved heavy duty top and bottom die cut unit.

The 295 QS Ultima™ features the special DualBox™ innovation in its standard configuration. Equipped with the extended four shaft Magna XL VSC Slotting enables making all slots of both sheets in the slotting unit at speeds up to 27,000 boxes per hour without any tolerance variations between the boxes. DualBox™ is already available as an option for the 245 QS Ultima™.

The 295 QS Ultima™ includes the latest addition to our Ultima™ controls platform: CareControl™, a full condition monitoring system containing production data and statistics, full historic machine data for enhanced support, automatic countdown to next maintenance, dynamic on-screen maintenance manuals, plus machine “fingerprint”—a regular health check tool for machine function analysis, and building data for real predictive maintenance.

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