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Engineered Recycling Systems, LLC

By AICC Staff

January 28, 2021

width=295Engineered Recycling Systems, LLC (ERS) is the industry leader in dust collection, scrap removal and vacuum transfer air filtration systems. The team is comprised of the industry’s top engineers and system integrators, who incorporate the finest equipment technology with expansive industry knowledge and expertise to provide customers with the most innovative integrated systems in the world.

ERS scrap removal and dust collection systems encompass proven technology of the past along with efficient, cost effective technology of today. ERS considers current market trends; workplace safety, health (OSHA) and fire (NFPA) regulations and guidelines; existing and new production equipment; facility layout; and manufacturing requirements to empower customers with a comprehensive approach of system integration for air conveying systems.

ERS systems are custom-designed to meet the needs of today and the challenges of tomorrow with the CCM® Filter. As air, dust and scrap enter the system through the ERS LPS Separator or Cyclone, with scrap depositing into the baler, a balancing fan neutralizes down pressure in the baler chute, ensuring balanced energy throughout that adjusts automatically with fluctuating air flows. Thus, the system uses only the amount of horsepower necessary to operate. The remaining air and dust are then pushed through CCM® Filter, which includes rotating and oscillating suction nozzles to continuously vacuum any dust and waste from the filter media. The deep filter cleaning every 2-3 minutes results in low pressure loss. The dust is then conveyed to a high efficiency dust collection cyclone which discharges into a dust pucker or bin. The entire system is compliant with workplace safety, health (OSHA) and fire (NFPA) guidelines without additional equipment.

Updated system designs and modular approach allow for a smaller system footprint within plants and more direct access to problem areas. The CCM® Filter can easily be installed on a platform or in proximity to conveyors and die cutters to mitigate dust accumulation resulting in higher throughput.

ERS recognizes the importance of simple and safe measures to keep plants running efficiently, with fewer instances of downtime. Advancements to the filter media attachment and replacement system for the CCM® Filter have made maintenance even easier. With a new, patent-pending filter media change out design, a filter change out requires fewer people, no tools, no ladders, and no scissor lifts. Within minutes, the old media is replaced with the new media, and the system is back up and running.

With ERS systems, production facilities globally have resulted in more manageable and marketable operations, with valuable end products.

Mike Carver is the Managing Member of ERS. Mike leads the team of system integrators, with the goal of providing customized solutions for challenges faced by ERS customers. He adheres to a “learn your customers’ processes, needs and challenges first” philosophy, then pairs that with his strong engineering background to design customized solutions. He believes the success of his customers is rooted in the highest quality equipment and technological advances available. He works with trusted partners to create systems that best suit the needs at hand but are also nimble for future modifications.

As a leader in the corrugated, paper and paper converting industries, Mike conceptualized the Continuous Cleaning Modular (CCM®) Filter for Vacuum Transfer and Dust Control, revolutionizing plants globally. Having been around the box business for 30 years, Mike understands the ever-changing needs and challenges of the industry.

Prior to ERS, Mike was a partner at SC Environmental, LLC, as well as a partner at Birchwood Systems, LLC. He founded ACES and Equipment Company, managing the company during his tenure there. He started his career with Blower Application Company, Inc., leaving the company as the Vice President, Sales and Marketing.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Marquette University.

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Managing Member



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