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Engineered Recycling Systems, LLC

By AICC Staff

January 30, 2023


ERS is an Atlanta-based company that supplies the paper converting industry with comprehensive dust control and trim removal systems. We design and manufacture cutting-edge equipment, install full-scale systems at your location, and provide maintenance and customer service for the life of our products.

There is no shortage of business in an economy that is becoming increasingly reliant upon corrugated and paper products, but with an increased demand to fulfill orders, there is also a greater burden on production lines. Dust collection is an integral part of any system, and a dust collection issue can bring your entire operation to a standstill. That’s why it’s important to have an air filtration solution that won’t let you down!

The team at ERS is a collection of the industry’s finest engineers and innovators, allowing us to draw from a deep pool of expertise. Our technical knowledge combined with your feedback has generated some groundbreaking dust control and trim removal solutions.

Our flagship filter, the CCM® OCT dust collector, creates 80% less downtime than the conventional filtration system on the market. A common complaint about traditional baghouse and cartridge filters is that they require more than 20 hours for a standard preventative maintenance, often suspending production for a whole weekend. That is why our engineers came together to create a solution that is far less disruptive to your workflow. With the CCM® OCT, a full preventative maintenance only requires 4 hours of downtime (for an equivalent capacity 50,000 CFM unit), effectively unlocking 16 hours of production time each time your filter requires preventative maintenance.

Another complaint that we’ve heard repeatedly from our clients is:

“The baghouse plugs up on you, and you can’t get inside to see what’s going on before it becomes a catastrophic event!”

User feedback is a vital part of our design process, so we asked ourselves, “But what if you could see inside of it?” As a result, the CCM® OCT features a window for viewing the internal operation of the machine. If there’s a problem, you can see it right away.

At ½ the maintenance cost of a baghouse and a ¼ of that of a cartridge filter, the CCM® OCT is the most sustainable user-friendly filter on the market. Most importantly, the CCM® OCT IS your SAFEST option! We have eliminated all explosion hazards that plague standard dust collectors. Simply put, with fewer moving parts there is less that can go wrong. The CCM® OCT is a filtration solution designed for your peace of mind.

ERS is not only known for designing cutting-edge equipment; our customer service department reflects the same level of excellence. Taking into account all the supply chain caused by the pandemic, we have taken measures to get ahead of potential shipping delays. We’ve invested in a 55,000-square-foot warehouse and filled it with equipment and parts inventory—we are overstocked! All our most important spare parts are available for expedited shipping from Atlanta!

If you ever happen to run into problems outside of our working hours, we also have a comprehensive online support system. We’ve just launched our 24/7 customer portal where you can access technical data for any of your ERS equipment. We guarantee that you will never be left in the dark!

“They stand behind their system. There’s no finger-pointing.”

—ERS Customer


Mechanical Engineer Mike Carver is the managing partner at ERS and has served the paper, paper converting, and recycling industries for over 30 years. His extensive background and technical knowledge make him a sharp team leader and an accomplished engineer. Mike’s philosophy is simple:


“The customer’s success is our success. We will do everything we can to keep your operation running.”

Written by: Eldar Iz