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Fosber America, Inc.

By AICC Staff

January 28, 2021

width=322Fosber America is the leading manufacturer of corrugated machinery and services for North America. Offering 3 corrugator lines: 400 high speed line, Compact economic line, and the Quantum micro-flute high-graphics line.

400 LINE

The 400 Line corrugator is high- speed offering flexibility in configuration, installation, machine features, and speeds of up to 1500fpm. Machines can be installed as stand alone, a zone, or as a complete corrugator. The WetEnd configuration can be single, double, or triplewall and the DryEnd is offered in single, double, or triple level. The 400 Line provides the most options for your current needs and allows the most flexibility for future modifications or changes to your corrugator.


The Compact Line corrugator utilizes a modular machine design for speeds of 1000fpm. A standard modular design reduces cost in electrical packages, engineering, and installation. The WetEnd configuration can be single, double, or triplewall and DryEnd configuration is offered in single or double level. The Compact Line is a cost-effective corrugator that meets the needs of traditional box plants.


The Quantum Line corrugator is specifically designed for high-graphics, micro-flute corrugated at speeds of 1000fpm. The design of the SingleFacer, DoubleFacer, and the layout of the Quantum reduce paper stress and thermal cycle during the bonding process. The WetEnd configuration is singlewall and the DryEnd is offered in single or double level. The Quantum Line is a micro-flute corrugator that meets the needs of high-graphics plants.

Fosber’s Corrugator Lines, offering state-of-the-art technology, supported with the best service, parts and training in the industry. Our staff is committed to your success. We work harder than anyone in the industry to make you happy. We do this the old fashioned way. Hard work, honesty, integrity, and excellent service. Our staff is second-to-none and is here to serve you. Our Lines have been designed to guarantee maximum flexibility of the production process in terms of performance level and the quality of the finished product. Fosber’s Complete Corrugator technology is “Simple Better.”

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