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Friese North America

January 23, 2024

Friese Corrugating Rolls—German Engineering in America

A world leader in the manufacture of corrugating rolls founded in 1992, with sets equipping over 400 corrugators in over 60 countries.

Friese corrugating rolls produces stronger board, with less fiber consumption, at greater speeds, and at a lower cost than our competitors. Apart from being competitively priced, the rolls have some unique attributes, which are provided below.

Friese has perfected the application of their Rockwelle tungsten carbide coating. The coating is triple polished, smooth as chrome, provides stable flute geometry, and lowers medium tension to create stronger combined board.

Friese recently unveiled Rockwelle 4.0, the first innovation to roll coatings in decades.

Rockwelle 4.0 is a tungsten carbide based coating that is currently for micro flutes such as E, F, and G/N. It boasts a 10% higher material hardness compared with the previous tungsten carbide coating. This will significantly increase the life expectancy of the corrugating roll. It has proven to be much smoother than the previous coating. If your current rolls are uncoated or chrome coated, they can be upgraded to Rockwelle 4.0.

Friese offers flute profile optimization and can manufacture any profile on a set of rolls.

Friese can work up a Profile Analysis and Comparison Estimate (PACE) that compares the current profile to the suggested optimized profiles from Friese’s engineers. The suggestions are based off the customer needs but most companies want to save medium without sacrificing ECT values. Friese can generate a PACE for any set of rolls on any single facer.

Lastly, an advantage of Friese is the CCS/Thermogrooves. The CCS/Thermogrooves are the most effective condensate removal system for conventionally heated rolls. The Thermogrooves collect the condensate while the siphon removes it from the roll. This system reduces cold spots and provides better heat transfer at higher production speeds. Customers will see no banana effect and no running in of the rolls. There is no need for maintenance and adjustments to the system for the life of the roll. The CCS/Thermogrooves are also compatible with all existing current steam systems so modifications are not necessary.

Friese has been selling corrugating for rolls in the United States for the past 20 years. Friese North America was founded in 2021 and Christian was brought on board as the first official employee. He handles the day-to-day operations of the company.

Christian Rodriguez

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