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G.F. Puhl

By AICC Staff

January 28, 2021


Puhl has been blessed with the good fortune of continuing to operate at full capacity during the pandemic. We received a waiver to continue operations early on due to our servicing critical operations in several industries including pharmaceuticals, US Mailing Operations, and more.

Replacing older systems has seen an “uptick” this year with several cyclone system replacements using Puhl PTS screen separators. The image shown here shows the old system in the background. The new system has 3 grade segregation.


Puhl engineering has developed a new V3 Floor Sweep shredder, a lower cost option for sheet plants needing to shred heavy sheets. Our shop testing shows that this new shredder can handle up to 5 sheets of single wall at a time.

Using our new 3D CAD/Printer we have been able to develop and deploy a new generation of photo eye lenses with 360 degree “surround” air blast. The 360 degree air blast is more effective in removing scrap from the lens.

Laser Scanning / 3D Cad. If you have a tight space that needs to hold additional equipment, we can now laser scan the room in 3D and load that image into CAD for the optimum engineered solution for fit.

New Catalog. In June of 2020, G.F. Puhl’s new catalog has been released in printed and online versions. Check it out if you need blower performance tables, dimensional data and cut sheets on our product offerings.

Training Videos. As of this date, we’re currently working on a training video for our customers who are purchasing multiple systems. The training video is a basic overview and a supplement to the already included Operations Manuals supplied with each system.


Dust Hazard Analysis. Effective 9/7/20, all users/owners of systems that handle combustible dusts are required to have a Dust Hazard Analysis or “DHA” including a laboratory dust test for Kst. Puhl offers DHAs on a request basis. After 9/7/20, an OSHA inspector can ask for your OSHA 300 log and your DHA.

We recommend that you be prepared instead of reactive on this to avoid potential delays and/or shutdowns should your local inspector ask for your DHA.

Ready to find out how our innovations can benefit you? Give G.F. Puhl a call today!

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